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The Magic Number

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

emoticon emoticon emoticon I have been working with a fellow Lapbander who had the same Dr that I had, I have seen her not know what to drink and what to eat. I have seen her scared of going to an appointment, afraid that the Dr. would yell at her. While this has been going on, she lost quite a bit of weight and is now very lovely.
Even though we live about 25 miles from each other, we have never met. Our only contact is IM on Skype.
The most recent time I looked at her Skype photo, I saw a stunning young women. When I complimented her she appreciated it, but commented that she still is not at her goal.
And that is when I, even after almost 4 years of my weight loss surgery figured out that the goal is right now. It is NOT when the Magic Number comes up on the scale.
It is right now. If she wanted to she could lie about that number. And if her hubby played a trick on her and rolled back the numbers she would be excited.
So now I know that for me the magic numbers are here right now. And my number is # 1.

I revised this, I don't want to be # 1, I want the magic # to be right now for all of us who are searching for it. I want us to know that it is only a stupid # that we have in our heads. Not reality of the truth for us all . This is our lives we are working on. Our life to continue being healthy and live longer. And God is the only one who knows that number.
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