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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Once again, I've been MIA from blogging on here. I won't make any promises as to how often I think I can blog, but I *will* say I am getting pretty good at life recently (responding to personal emails, planning my days in my agenda and such) so you may hear from me frequently again.

First of all, bless the bonus wheel because I got an incredibly welcoming amount of points! I used to spin that thing daily in my sparkpeople prime and I would cry about only getting two points lol. I got 10 today and that's a great motivation! Also, this new format is very weird to me...I always hate change lol so I know I will get over it the more I see it. And the key to that is using it so much it is the norm. But I'm sure it will grow on me very fast.

I reached my weight goal this week already (204 lbs, slated for Saturday's weigh-in but I couldn't resist) and I'm really happy about it! I'm very behind on my goals as I had them planned...but I'm over that. I had a come-to-Jesus moment where I realized I didn't hate my body as much as I thought I did. That did kind of keep me complacent in where I was weight-wise, and I almost forgot (not really, but wasn't as concerned it seemed) about my weight goals for my big LA move. I was coming off of my summer-binge high and I've been focusing more on my eating habits as planned. Now that those are in place, I'm going back to the gym tonight and starting my regular workouts. I have my workout clothes/shoes packed in my backpack that I bring to work so that when I leave, I take the bus straight to the gym. That way, being tired will be able to be an excuse only AFTER I get home. Doing a home pit stop makes it easier for me to lay down and just not want to get back up - especially not to go across campus. ESPECIALLY now that it's getting cold emoticon

I am happy to say that my weight set point is calibrated in the early 200s rather than the 210s+ like it used to be! That's a good sign to me...that my body processed the crap I was throwing into it for those months well and now I am even more confident in its abilities to get rid of the pounds when I'm doing the right things. I have learned to appreciate my body now that I'm 22, and I want to preserve it at 22!

I move to LA in two months and I want to make sure that I'm even more comfortable in my body there. Being up north, it's easy to cover up. In LA, I don't want to have to do that and I want to tan like when I'm home in Florida! Not to mention, the biggest reason I want to slim down for LA is because I want all new clothes to fit the style over there too. And I definitely don't want to buy big sizes and then lose weight - that's a waste of clothing. So that's my main motivation whenever I want to eat something that I know will show on the scale.

School has been super stressful recently, but that's mainly because it's my last semester in Boston and I feel a ton of pressure to finish strong. It's not like I can mess up and have another semester/year to make up for it. So, I'm putting myself under a lot of pressure to make sure that I get the best grades possible for the grand finale. OH! That's another thing. I want my graduation pictures to be skinnyyy when I come back to Boston for the ceremony. That will be great.

As for my new goals, I have a few and they're all listed out on my main page. I'm in the process of updating my page quite a bit, but it should be all set by the weekend at the latest. That includes new pics! Keeping up with my page is what I've found helps me stay true to my goals, so it's something I'm committed to. A new goal I have isn't a number, though. It's getting abs! I've noticed that within the last year, I developed some serious indents in my sides right above my ribcage. I don't know if that's my body continuing to change, but I have neverrr seen those before, and in pictures sometimes they give the illusion of abs (keyword: illusion because there is a sufficient amount of flab below it lol). BUT I have realized that those are indicators that I could potentially get abs if I worked hard enough! There's a funny story about my abs...freshman year, a girl on my floor told me about how her brother was in great shape, did a million crunches all the time yadda yadda. He went to the doctor because he couldn't get abs no matter how fit he became and the doctor, allegedly, told him that some people just can't get abs and it's in your genetics or whatever I have no idea. Well, no one in my family really has abs other than on my dad's side and I take after my mom completely. Needless to say, her side has no sign of an ab for miles. So, ever since then I sort of resigned the idea that I could ever be fit enough to have abs of my own. But these new things that have shown themselves make me believe otherwise...and overall I wonder how true that could even be. I'm hopeful that abs are a possibility for me and that's what I'm working to have! Wish me luck emoticon

Anyway, like I said I'm at work and I used a little down time to write this since I have a lot to do tonight! Hope everyone's week is going well and you're sticking to your goals!
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