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How to Handle RAGE

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

At work tonight my boss comes up to me and tells me that "he loves me". I of course know that this means something is up. He tells me that he is taking one of my employees to work on the Battalion Truck. Of course he did this to me over a year ago. Both workers were really good workers. So of course once I get someone in the mailroom that works really well he want's to steal them for the truck. Instead of going out and hiring his own people. I just finally got fully staffed. I had 12 people including me for the holiday season. I had been stuck with 11 for awhile because I never got anyone to cover the first person my boss took from me to go on the truck.

I have other faster employees in the mailroom but the two he took they did their job without me having to ask for every little thing. They had a work ethic. Where oh where did the work ethic of my parents generation go? Because now days no one wants to work like they used too. When I give breaks they sit down on their buts and watch my move pallets and take out trash. I never slow down their is always something to do back there. Maybe I'm the problem not demanding them to do more. But sometimes I feel like if I don't do it myself it wont get done.

But this thing with my boss taking my employee that works really hard is just making me pissed. Plus not to mention I'm back to 11 people and down 1 guy. I just finally got 5 guys back there. With the big season coming I need more people that can lift heavier stacks. The older women that have been back there forever can't lift it and aren't going to start trying that's for sure. Plus the guy he is taking can't really be on the truck because his driving record is not good. So he is still going to be coming out of the mailroom payroll and I doubt they will let me hire someone else because it's going to look on paperwork that I have 12 people.

I was so mad that I couldn't even talk to him last night. Because I was so afraid I was going to say something that would get me in trouble. Plus not to mention had I started yelling it would have ended with me telling him to take those keys and shove them where the sun doesn't shine. He is always bugging me at home on my days off. I get at least 5 texts from him everyday. Plus now he gave me a laptop to take home so I could check his email during the day. Really a phone isn't good enough now I have to check the damn email. Then this happened it's really pushing me to tear out my hair.

Got in my car last night and just screamed the first 5 minutes I was in my car. I felt so angry and my chest was hurting but I couldn't seem to calm down. I must have the steering wheel a few dozen times I'm surprised I don't have a bruise on my hand this morning. Then about 5 minutes away from the job the crying started. I couldn't stop it and it was not the soft kind. I cried all the way home. I knew I had to calm down and it just wasn't happening. Plus Brandon wasn't home for me to talk to so I had to figure out someway to calm down. I finally stopped crying when I hit the door to my house. I went in the fridge grabbed a nasty STRAW-BEER-RITA. ( we are not drinkers at all) downed the whole thing. Ate 2 pieces of sugar free cheesecake I made yesterday. Then a mini bag of Movie Theater popcorn. After all that and the crying I feel asleep. So I guess booze and and food help anger and lots of crying to make you fall asleep.

I would so call out today if I didn't have to be there. But I don't think I'm staying the whole night long. It's not going to be a good thing to do at this time. I'm so glad I'm off the next three days because I need the break to calm down. The mood I'm in right now I still might tell him good luck finding someone to replace me. But I'm so not answering my phone or email. He can go somewhere with all that.

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  • no profile photo CD10748384
    2034 days ago
    Sorry you got put into that position. Can you send him an email to transfer the guy so you can get someone else? Can you send a message to HR to have them transfer the worker?
    I hate bosses like that.
    Don't let him take advantage of the situation like that.
    2818 days ago
    I'm glad you let it out with the scream in the car!!! I'm sorry things ar eso hard. I love you twinsy!!!
    2818 days ago
    emoticon I agree with nancy, Hr should be able to help, it is not fair to you honey. Love you.
    2819 days ago
  • UNICORN212
    I agree that you should talk to HR. This is not right and he is taking advantage of you. I'd ignore the texts and email when you are off the clock. And I'd report the guy's driving record - that could make your company really in danger if he has an accident.

    I hope you find the perfect job and let him know the reason why you are quitting - HIM. In the meantime, follow proper protocols at your work and report what he is doing.
    2819 days ago
    Hugs, so sorry your boss and the situation have you so upset! I hope you let him know how upset you were. Glad you can come here to vent!
    2819 days ago
    I hope that it gets better for you soon. It is not good to get that upset.
    Take care of yourself. You might want to speak to your boss regarding his demands. It is not good to keep things inside. emoticon
    2819 days ago
    Wow! If there is a Human Resources representative at your company you could speak with, you should do so right away. She or he could help you to resolve this conflict with your boss. There is probably some kind of protocol for this type of situation. Sounds like you really need an advocate!
    2819 days ago
    Ahh honey I am so sorry!! IS there anyone that you can talk to above your boss about your boss??? He for sure is a DB!!!!!
    2819 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13952442
    It's tough right now. Hope it gets better.
    2819 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12024980
    emoticon I think your boss is a douche, and I hope your perfect job comes up in the Situations Vacant column, or that you win the lotto.

    But until that happens may you have the strength and fortitude to not tell him what to do with his job.

    All the best
    2819 days ago
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