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Um yeah, I totally did that!

Saturday, November 09, 2013

So after a long week & a not so healthy lunch Friday, I *really* wanted to cancel my appointment with the trainer...especially after my husband reminded me that I was supposed to be working core strength. After a little guilt trip from my husband and the realization that even if I canceled *my* appointment I still had to go to the gym to drop off my stepson for his, I put on my big girl panties and kept my appointment. After warming up on the treadmill, we got started. Now I'll be honest....I had no clue what "core strength training" consisted of. We started out on some evil looking contraption that is basically an assisted leg extension. Not so bad...til she adjusted it to where I *should* be starting. Not as easy, but doable. Then we moved on the the dreaded crunch machine (okay actual name of the machine is the Life Fitness Abdominal) where you sit and use your upper body-with added weights- to do crunches. As scary as it looked...meh, I did it! After that one, it was on to something that had me giggling. I think it was called something like a torso rotation. You sit on this thing on your knees, press your chest into a support and then twist your legs. All I could think of the ENTIRE time was that scene in Dirty Dancing...yanno the one where Patrick Swayze is shirtless and doing the twisting thing & you see all the muscles in his back? *drool* From there we moved on to something she told me most women can't do...the crunch machine. The hard one- where you have to do it all yourself...both the upper and the lower body and you're supporting your body weight the whole time. She showed my stepson how to do it, then switched the machine to show him the obliques too. Once he was done she asked if I wanted to try. She said for many of her women she assists by lifting part of the weight, blah blah blah. I decide to give it a go. And I rocked it! I did 15 of the regular crunches, got down, adjusted it for the obliques and did 15 of each of those......all unassisted. I shocked the hell out of my trainer. Not only are most women not able to do this, but this fat chick just did it - without help! There were a few more things after that, mostly back extensions, but really I just kept smiling and feeling good about myself because I totally rocked a machine I had no business being able to do! I am fat woman! Hear me roar!!

(my arms don't hurt anymore - too bad tomorrow is arm day again!)

P.S. I finally made myself get on the scale officially this morning - I'm down almost a pound since last week. Doesn't seem like much, but since I weighed unofficially n the middle of the week and my heart sank when the scale said I'd GAINED over 3 pounds....I consider this a total win!)
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