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Thursday, November 28, 2013

The paper towels in the public toilet: by the time it automatically feeds me enough towels to dry my hands, my hands are dry.
Air dryers: they are missing a step. 1. Push button 2. Rub hand under warm air. 3. Wipe hands on your pants.

Teaching children to read: We tell them we are gong to teach them phonics so they can sound out the words.
We tell them the numbers: One. Two. In the second the "w" is silent. In the first the "w" seems to be invisible.
We teach them two other words: one is BIG and the other is LITTLE. Wait a minute ....

The perversion of technology: The driving force behind making photography a viable thing was not cityscape or portraits of kings and presidents. It was "dirty" or "French" postcards. When VCRs hit the market, every video store had a back room with porn tapes. Basically, porn got the VCR into your living room. The Internet was invented for scientists to share data, but one of the first things they did was to send each other some sort of copy of the latest Playboy Playmate. Pornography is the single leading category of site on the Internet today.
So I wonder: was Gutenberg's second book a volume of erotic verses?

Whither the phone booth: Remember the scene in the 1978 Superman movie? He needed a phone booth to change but couldn't find a booth, only phone stations.
At BWI airport I came across this:

When they take those down, where will Superman change?

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