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My daughter the doctor seeking medical advice from me.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Dr Dani, my daughter the doctor, and I ran a 5k Turkey trot today in Boulder CO. It was cold by Corpus Christi standards but chilly as far as I was concerned ... about 38ºF. It seems the Coloradans thought it was cold to.

My rule: It's not cold until there are icicles on my beard.

It was a good course, a 5k that took two laps and finished on a track at the Colorado University. Alas, not at the stadium.

I finished in about 31 minutes. A little slow for me, but I am not used tot he altitude and so I took it easy. As I waited for Dr Dani to finish, she texted me: "About a half mile to go and I think I broke my foot."

She came limping in to a 42 minute finish. She was sure by then the foot was not broken, but something was wrong. "What could be wrong, Daddy? What should I do? "

Well, many of you may know I do not like when runners ask other runners for medical advice. We are all just outhouse doctors. My advice is always, "Call your doctor."

And if you ask a doctor who is not your doctor that will usually be the advice you receive.

So when my daughter the doctor asked me for advice on an injury, I told her, "Call your doctor on Monday."

"But you're a runner, Daddy!" Whiner. "What should I do until then?"

The best answer is always what one should do for a running injury: RICE. Rest, Ice, Compression. Elevation.

"Besides," I told her, "don't they teach you in first year of Med School to tell people to seek advice from their own doctor. Right?"

She finally came home and found out on the Internet that she had a pulled muscle in the side of her foot. "RICE it," I told her, "and Ibuprofen. That's all the free medical advice you get from me."

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