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It's snowing a little here. Pain in the butt snow

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It snowed here again today. What I would call a nuisance snow. About three or four inches and the street were nasty for about an hour then just wet all day.

Schools closed before flake one fell.

If they had opened school on time, they would have all been in their little seats, looking out the window all day until it was time to safely go home.

I blame the lawyers who all went to grade school and high school with me.


Did you see the Ravens Vikings football game on Sunday. Wow! What a phenomenal finish. Thirty-six points in 2:05.

And the snow! Again, here in C'ville we got about four inches of pretty much nuisance snow, nothing to get your undies in a twist about and yet everyone did. No school on Monday either ... it was icy as the snow turned into an ice storm. But we know how they work ... it was all over by 10:00.

I was snowing when I came out of Mass and I drove home and I told She(WMBO) that I was going out for a run. A run in the snow. A sublime run in the first snow of the year.

And this was me after two and a half miles.

I have always said, "It ain't cold until I have icicles in my beard." So the snow did augment things, but it was even in my eyebrows.

Cold enough.

And I did a nice slow 4.5 miles overall.

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