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Trying to come back

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I feel a bit all over the place with the new SP interface. But to be honest.. it's like that in all the spheres of my life at the moment so I won't stress too much about it just now :)

Small goals for December, I have to relearn it all. Seriously.

1) Water. I've been drinking just too little lately. Sometimes as little as 500 ml per day, terrible. And it's HARD, too! What happened to me?

2) Bring back SOME KIND of physical activity.. I was thinking the gym and maybe I'll go back but I won't impose myself any regiment for now, I haven't even been walking in the last month.. I'll get high if I have to climb more than 10 stairs (which will feel good I'm sure.. :)). Maybe just walks, too. We'll see.

3) I'd like to say something about sleep but i'll stay real and shut up. I lack sleep terribly.. 2 weeks left.

4a) Try to log some food on the tracker, it would help me greatly and I know it. I just can't seem to find time to do it. The recipe part (where you have to add all the nutritional info of everything you put into and calculate everything and then divide it by the portions?!?) freaks me out. I do almost all my meals "home made" so I see it pretty much as a nightmare. I could just guesstimate and probably will.

4b) Intermittent fasting whenever I can. Because I like it, it makes me feel good, seems efficient and forces me to control myself, cause I suck a lot at that.

I had a lot of stress since September, the new job, training, i was "tested" out of my mind, lots of waiting for the results.. the lack of sleep and physical activities, not seeing my boyfriend, being overworked on the top of it... Bad choices all over. I feel those are small but reachable goals, just need to stay focused. Sometimes the day is just so busy I don't even get a chance to think. I'll see what I can do but I feel ready to start the machine again ;) Good sign, right?

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