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January 2, 2014

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Okay, so 2013 didn't quite end up the way I thought it would, nor is 2014 starting that way, either. But, I have faith that with hard work, dedication and devotion (and perhaps a little support from my friends) I will achieve all that I desire.

Thanksgiving day went really well for me; a nice dinner with family, lots of laughter and simple joy. I came home alone (my husband headed up to our cabin after dinner for deer season) and got ready for bed. The dogs and I were all snuggled in, ready for a wonderful night's sleep, a little Mozart playing in the background; when I get a phone call. It was my sister, telling me that my mother had passed away.

Although it was a shock to get this news on Thanksgiving evening, I can't say that it was really that great a surprise. She'd been getting progressively more ill for the past four years, and we knew that with her current "perfect storm" of medical issues, it was inevitable... I just thought she would last another year. It was not to be. She head a heart attack and drifted peacefully from this world in her bed.

So, as you might imagine, this derailed my "good eats & exercise" program. My motivation went in the toilet, and I really didn't have any interest in staying on track. The death of a loved one takes a toll I was not prepared to pay. I'm still a little fogggy about the whole situation, but better now.

Then, my husband and I took the dogs and headed to Florida for two weeks to visit with his family there. I got some much needed beach time, writing time at poolside, and really delicious meals. And before you ask, no, I did not count calories while we were gone. I get one vacation a year, and that, coupled with my mourning process - well, I ate and drank just about anything I wanted, when I wanted. I must say though, those Shrimp Belvedere (shrimp stuffed with Swiss cheese and wrapped in bacon) were mighty tasty! I have no remorse; as I said, I was on vacation.

But, on the drive home, my husband and I talked a little about my mother's passing and how I was determined not to die the way she did. I want to die a healthy, vibrant, curious, courageous and energetic person - preferably while in the middle of having some grand adventure, rather than pathetically in my bed. We agreed that it was time for me to really apply myself to this goal of healthier living.

So, even though I did indulge in our traditional meal of lobster, crab, cheese, wine and brownies on New Year's Eve; I also umped online and joined a local gym. I found that I have difficulty motivating myself to workout all by myself. I need the gentle peer pressure to stay on track. Also, that fact that I'm paying that bill, helps with motivation, too. My husband has also agreed to join me in working out to my Yoga video three times per week.

Armed with all this support, I intended to begin my day with my Thursday writer's group meeting, and then a jaunt to the gym. But, again, things don't always work out as I would like. Last night, I was overcome with a horrible hacking, coughing cold thing. And this morning, I barely have the energy to walk up the stairs to my home office, let alone dig my car out of six inches of snow so I can go to my meeting and the gym! I feel like crap!

So, I'm taking cold medication, and have resolved that for today, watching my calories and drinking fluids will be enough. I will work at getting to the gym again tomorrow, after my morning financial meeting. After that little get-together, it will be good to work off some frustration.

So... am I perfect - heck, no! But I am determined, and plowing forward.

Negatives: Being sick; not making it to the gym; low energy; being surrounded by far too much snow!

Positives: I have a job I love, which also gives me the ability to work from home; which means I can be sick and still be productive.

Gratitude: Musinex; Orange Juice; a warm house; snuggly dogs; lots of editing work; a supportive husband.

Goals: Edit WTW; new ink to FW; employment letter for GL; GWPB outlines; gym tomorrow; eat intelligently.
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