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Realistic goals for 2014

Thursday, January 02, 2014

I've got a very positive vibe that this will be a year of positive change for me. In the past I've decided that I want to run such and such race or a similar feat. Sometimes things have played out well but more often than not, I've fallen flat on my face. This year, I want to set simpler goals. My hope is that they will be more easily reachable and they can then lead to more progressive goals later on. So here are the goals I have so far:
1. Regular walking-I recently picked up a nice pedometer from Walgreen's and I'm shooting for 10,000 steps per day. After being plagued by feet and other leg issues, I'm going to hold off on running indefinitely. Perhaps it will be in my future but I'm sticking to walking for now.
2. Diet-Not to be confused with "being on a diet." What this means is that I'm going to eat as many whole foods as possible. I want to concentrate on fruits and veggies as the main component of my caloric intake. I'll be avoiding red meats and processed foods as much as possible.
3. Sleep-This has been challenging lately. I'm hoping to cure myself of some insomnia issues I've been having. I hate waking up in the early morning hours and then having such difficulty going back to sleep.
4. Strength Training-This has been off of my to-do list for a while. I need it back ASAP, so I'll be doing some basic exercises to regain some of what I've lost.

These are my 4 main goals. I feel they are good target starting points. I've purposefully kept them simple in the hope that I will continue to find them manageable.
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