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I'm Wearing my Attic Jeans! Woo Hoo!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

So in my last blog I mentioned getting a Fitbit flex for my birthday. It continues to motivate me. Mainly I know that if I don't get up and get moving I won't make my daily goal of 10,000 steps. There is no way around it. Also. It tells you your very active minutes. There are times that I think I've been active for 1 hour and it will give me 45 active minutes..which means, I guess, it thinks I could be trying a little harder for those 15 minutes.
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I mentioned my Thyroid being off at my last blood test. The thing with thyroid medicine is you are suppose to take it and then not eat anything for 1 hour. I was doing this..but I was drinking coffee. Not the corect way apparently. Also, the Physicians Assistant said " Your cholesterol is great". I said " I've actually been taking my pills...something I was bad about before. I now take it with my Thyroid medicine" BEEP! Wrong Answer...yes to taking it every day but no to taking it with my picky thyroid medicine..what to do? what to do?
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I moved my thyroid medicine upstairs. I put one pill in the same spot every night before bed. I put a bottle of water next to it. When I get up in the middle of the night..as all good Sparkers must
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I look at my watch first ( I nearly took it at midnight last night...wrong!) and if its 4am or after I take my pill...along with a big drink of water. When I get up I can then have my nice hot cup of coffee without being in violation of the take your pill and wait an hour rule. So far it is working well. I have probably missed taking my cholesterol medicine a few times but it is in the kitchen and I am shooting for taking it after lunch or dinner. A concern that I had with raising my thyroid dose was that I would be jumpy. I am doing pretty well with that. I can feel a difference but it's not bad. I think that anyone who is Hypo Thyroid desperately wants their number to be perfect. If it is then we feel great...have more energy..don't feel exhausted..maybe my other symptoms will be better..maybe I'll lose weight easier..So for that reason I am willing to fit this middle of the night routine in to my life.
Also, One of my short term goals was to fit into my Attic Jeans. When it first became my goal I could barely fit my calves into them. Then I could pull them up but not zip them. Last week I could zip them but they still didn't look good. Today I picked them up...put them on..and I am wearing them. I asked my husband ( who is not a liar) if they looked ok..he said " They just look like a normal pair of jeans to me"
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I saw a friend of mine at the Club yesterday. She said that when she saw me walking up she wasn't sure if it was me because I looked so thin. She didn't mean it as an insult so I didn't take it as one. She said I was almost too thin. I'm not. I still have a BMI that would beg to differ.I'm close to normal but not there yet. I am of the opinion that the reason I am fitting into size 8 pants and dresses at my current weight is because I am lifting weights. Not just the hand weights I had previously used. The heaviest I do with the machine is 60 pounds. But I think that is making a difference. My muscles feel different..more muscly.
I still have a pair of attic jeans and many attic shorts to fit into. I am confident that I will. Not tomorrow but by June.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    good job .
    2663 days ago
    emoticon emoticon attic jeans. Keep on keepin' on! emoticon
    2666 days ago
    I well understand the thyroid issue. That has been my problem. Yes, I wanted to take some of my meds with my thyroid medicine and was told no. I complained to my doctor because I was to take the thyroid med, wait an hour, take some other med and wait an hour before I ate. That would be at least two hours before I ate. The doctor agreed that I could eat after the second set of meds.

    I was not getting my cholesterol medicine taken most days because I would forget it. My endo changed the med and said take it in the evening but not wait until bed time if I could remember it earlier. That has worked most days. I missed it one day this week where I was missing it several times a week before.

    I am so glad you are able to get the weight down. You are doing great!

    2666 days ago
    That is so fantastic!!! Attic Jeans emoticon
    2667 days ago
    Attic jeans rock!!!! You go girl!!! And here i just cleaned out my closet of jeans that did not fit...they were taking up way too much space....so now have some that are too tight yet (so have them marked by a colored piece of tape on hanger) and the others I handed over to the Rescue Mission yesterday.........I still have plenty of jeans.
    The cholesterol meds should be taken at night I do believe.......consult your Dr on that..I know right...........they expect us to walk around with a flippin alarm clock.......LOL
    I had an over active thyroid once...........had a strange Dr that also decided to attack it with the nuclear drink. That got rid of my thyroid altogether but what he neglected to tell me was down the road I would need a thyroid replacement...........so I went thru the overactive and then into the under or rather "NO" active thyroid. So I am now good on that at last testing but to remember to take that booger 1 hr before eating is a biggie for me too!! Try to take it while packing DH's lunch...........then go about straightening up house after he leaves then time to eat finally
    Enjoy your "attic jeans" girlfriend........you worked hard to deserve that!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2667 days ago
    I'm so happy to hear the happiness resonate from you. You've worked hard and you totally deserve to be happy! KUDOS to you for fitting in your attic jeans and having them look "just like normal jeans". Additional kudos for trying and trying again until you came upon a pill regimen that might work for you.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2668 days ago
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