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Help! I have an important question.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for clicking on my message board!

So I have already lost pretty much 40 lbs and I am super happy! I still have 180 lbs to go until my goal weight. I am scared about my lower stomach. I am afraid its not going to tighten up because whenever I workout I feel like it's putting too much strain on it. I would love to shrink it up as fast as I can because I really don't want it to sag. It's pretty big, well not huge but it's big.. It's big enough that because of it I can't get any smaller pants until it goes down. My legs have shrunk but not my stomach.

Let me show you a picture to give you an idea.

Does anyone have any ideas about workouts or things that I can do to help it? I am really wanting to shrink that and my hips because I have a flight in March and I would love to not have to get a 2nd seat.

Thanks in advance!!
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    Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful comments and suggestions!! I really appreciate it! I hope ya'll have a great day!
    2645 days ago
    I have lost 73.4 pounds to date and can definitely relate. My personal training team assures me that it can tighten up - but it can take up to 3 years of steady weight training to do so. Continue to lose the weight in a healthy way - the slower you lose, the more your skin can adapt to the change. I know that isn't always the fun way to do it. Also, the younger you lose it, the more elastic your skin is and more quickly it can firm up! Good luck!!
    2648 days ago
    Nope, spot reducing doesn't really work, but you are doing a great job with the overall weight loss!

    Strength training will help with the sagging issue. Keeping your skin well-moisturized helps too. I read at some point that stimulating the skin with salt scrubs helps, so I make my own salt scrub and use it once a week or so. I'm not sure if it really makes a difference, but it feels good!

    You don't *look* like someone who needs two seats. I was able to fly at 300 pounds without even needing a seatbelt extender, so I suppose it all depends on where you carry the weight.
    2649 days ago
    great job! :-D you are looking awesome! I think because of your natural shape your legs will change faster then your stomach. I am the opposite and wish I had a shape similar to yours!!! grass is always greener eh? keep up the good work!
    2649 days ago
    You can't really "spot" reduce, but slow, pilates style crunches - lots of them in all variations - side, lower abs roll up, etc. - will strengthen your core muscles and help your abdomen become more firm. As you lose pounds, you abdomen and legs will shrink, but strength training and targeting muscles and giving them a good workout is the only thing that will help tighten and tone.
    2649 days ago
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    2649 days ago
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! The belly is something we all struggle with. There are no spot exercises to reduce any area of our bodies,

    Consistent healthy eating, smaller portions and cardio are the only way to go. You should still work your abs and lower back to build that muscle. I have read our abs are beneath the belly fat so keep up the cardio as you work your core. I think planks are a fabulous exercise for the core!

    Keep going! You are on the right track!
    2649 days ago
    HI! emoticon on your first 40 pounds lost!

    I don't think you can lose weight in specific places. We lose weight everywhere and we cannot target weight lost. And often for women the very last place we lose is on the midsection and hips... it's hormonal.

    emoticon you will have amazing results!
    2649 days ago
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