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Why I'm breaking up with the stop watch

Monday, February 17, 2014

So I've always wanted to be a runner. I want to fall in love with running. I want to be that girl that has a bad day or is stressed out and instead of stuffing her face with oreos she goes for a 5 mile run. Yea…… still not that girl. First problem is my lungs suck, between childhood asthma and being overweight for so long they just don't like it. I can take a zumba class, a spin class, and go to body pump back to back and be fine, but ask me to run 3 miles and I want to die. It is ironic because my husband can run 3 miles in his sleep, but thinks a Spin class is torture and the worst thing on the planet. Second problem as I mentioned in a previous post I have some severe issues with my hips. I have had hip dysplasia since I was a baby, but since it didn't interfere with my walking nothing was done. It still doesn't interfere with my walking but boy does it with my running. So today as I was cursing my time. I broke up with the clock and thought to heck with this. I do like running. I love it for the calorie burn. I love it because it shows me that I still have more work to do in being "fit". Will, I ever run a marathon... probably never, the idea of that just seems mind boggling, but big props to the people who do, that is truly amazing. I broke up with the scale a long time ago because that was a mentally abusive relationship from the beginning full of false hope and lies. So this relationship with the stop watch didn't work out either. So…….

Dear Stop Watch,
I refuse to feel validated on if I am good runner or not based on what your annoying beeping tells me. Instead I have found a new friend and partner the distance counter. It tells me I got up and moved today. It tells me that I pushed myself farther than I did yesterday or that I at least got up off the couch and moved at all. It lets me listen to my body on what pace to set and to go with what feels right and doesn't force me to risk injury based on beating 5 seconds off my time yesterday. I'm sure there will be days where I come back to you just to see how you are… but for now I need a break.

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    I totally get this!

    I also do think that you shouldn't push yourself TOO hard! If you can't become "a runner" because of health issues, why force it??? There are SO MANY other great exercises out there INCLUDING WALKING that will be lovely and that are not running.

    I feel like running can almost be a "fad" because so many people are seeming to do it and those silly little 5k runs are everywhere now! Don't get me wrong, I think it's fantastic and great that everyone is trying to get fit in that arena... but NOT EVERYONE can do it. It's a tough-on-the-joints exercise, and not necessarily fun all the time.

    Do what YOU wanna do...and shoot, if you want to run, just do it! But know your limits, is my suggestion. There are plenty of lower impact workouts that are great too like swimming (which, in my opinion, is way harder than running, and way better on your joints).

    Just make it work for you! We're not all the same...and we can't aim to be someone we are not. :-)

    2678 days ago
  • ALMOM68
    Great blog . . . I can relate somewhat. I lift weights and do spin class and started to run for the first time a few years ago. I started slow and couldn't do a mile at first, now I'm up to 8 mile trail runs. However, I'm not particularly fast, but I am running the whole time straight. I tell myself that endurance means something and it's not only about time and how fast I run each mile, etc.. emoticon emoticon
    2678 days ago
  • HHB4181
    emoticon emoticon
    2679 days ago
    Good for you for getting rid of the stop watch. Just go out and enjoy the run!!
    2680 days ago
  • MIRAGE727
    I totally agree on speed. I do challenge my self to break my PBs & PRs but I'm more concerned about my runner life. I want to run forever. Therefore, I have to self govern my pace. Training is the key. Yes, there is speed training. but if we want to prolong our run life, INHO, we work on endurance & strength. Stronger legs prevent injury. Endurance increases distance. Work your pace to a healthy level, enough to test yourself while not putting you into discomfort!
    So, I'm all about you losing your "stop watch." ( I use a Garmin!)
    In fact, you've inspired me! I'm going to do a training 5K today and just focus on distance not speed!
    Stay strong, smart, and embrace YOUR run!
    emoticon emoticon
    2680 days ago
    emoticon your thoughts are in the right place! listen to your body and emoticon
    2680 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12146214
    I have OA in one hip and still do one huge race a year and that satisfies my need to train and achieve my goal. The days of lots of races are long gone.
    2680 days ago
    I understand completely. One person's must-have gadget can be a source of annoyance to another.

    I love my stop watch and my scale too. They're like good friends that tell me the truth. BUT I broke up with my heart-rate monitor - both of them - gave them away. Watching those numbers was actually making my heart rate go up and I wasn't enjoying my running.

    We all just have to find the right activity and gadget that works for us.
    Good for you!

    2680 days ago
    Loved your blog.... it's great to try new things and push ourselves.... but sometimes we keep pushing and pushing in futility... saying good bye to your stop watch may be just what you need at this point!

    Keep on keeping on....
    2680 days ago
    Focusing on time, pace can detract from enjoying the run. Unless you going to try out for the Olympics, relax
    2680 days ago
    Love your letter to the stopwatch!!! Both the stopwatch and the scale are like parents who believe negative reinforcement is a good thing. "Tell the child what they are doing wrong all the time and then they will try again." NOT! I like to keep things on a positive note. What if the stopwatch said "You made a mile in 30 minutes. Great job! Now lets work together and try for 29 minutes." How about if the scale said "Wow! We lost one pound this week. Let's keep it off and try for two next week!"

    Positive reinforcement makes the journey more rewarding!
    2680 days ago
  • no profile photo HOTPINKCAMARO49
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2680 days ago
  • 144AUTUMN
    Keep up the good work!!
    2680 days ago
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