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Spring Has Arrived

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Thanks to neighbors, plumbers, water softener techs, Maytag repairman, farmers, alerts by blinking lights from electric company, local grocery stores with services, butcher, who provides me with beef bones for the dogs, and the many family members and friends I have, virtual and reality--I have made it to the first day of Spring.

My Vet and techs have helped me out with finances. My bank saves me money. My lawyer if fighting for my cause, and many churches and organizations are ptraying that, the dogs and I stay safe.

Second hand shops, and antique shops, have given me treasures, so that I can barter, and be thoughtful.

I thank tree trimmers and loggers, and I thank all that must repair the roads when they can. Anyone that works outdoors, the this wild Winter, are grinning and bearing it, for they know they are serving, those that cannot get out of their house.

My chimney sweep, Bob Daniels, is a gem, and he is thanked, along with my GP. P-D0c, Lab Tech, and instant access to the Internet, provided by Frontier.

I was told one should never make a list, for you will forget someone. I do need to mention the mail carriers, who pull into my drive, when they can. Then there is the stranger, who pulls in and turns around, when they see their GPS, has led them to the wrong address.

I thank my SP friends. Gracetoday.org , and Charles Stanley, and all the wonderful online ministries, that provide me with soul food that I might pass it along.

There is a favorite Christian based food store, near-buy, that has supplied me with marked down staples, so that I can feed my family, and give those that are busy, home made, fresh delectable --mmn, mmn, good.
The grocery store's personnel, ALWAYS, asks Dh how I am, and that I need to stop in, at least once a month, so that they can be updated, in my life, and they can share pics and prayer concerns that they have of their family friends, or theirself's. Even former co-workers and friends from the past. check in once a year or so.

Well, that is all for now. The day is only half way through, and I have a lot to do.

God bless and take care, and be smart and stay in contact with your Best Friend Jesus. May memories, come back to you, this Easter Tide season.

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