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Spring Challenge as a Tiger Monarch

Monday, March 31, 2014

Hello new team!
I loved my four challenges as a Beautiful Butterfly. I made some headway on my habits and now I've busted out of my chrysalis and I'm ready to fly with a new team.

Here's my plan for the Spring Challenge
Just Go-
I run three times a week and do weights and cross fit three times. The other day is for OUTSIDE.
Do 5 -
I'm committing to tracking 5 foods each day. My rules are from Michael Pollen eat food, not that much, mostly plants. I'm also taking time in the morning for meditation and then taking 5 minutes 5 times throughout out the day to breathe and reconnect with the morning.

Just do today-
I can do most anything for one day. I don't need to take on the whole week. This is my variation on One Day at a Time from AlAnon

Work from the Outside in and the inside out.
The outside in is my daily log in to track food and fitness on Spark People, my attendance at Weight Watchers (once a month, unless i am not at goal, then I will go every week).
From the inside out- Church on Sunday, daily spiritual reading and meditation, Tuesday night Sangha, AlAnon on Sunday night, Grief counseling for as long as I need it.

Finally, I am going to love Rachel, no matter how she looks, no matter what the scale says. I am more than just my physical form.
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