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Lazy Week But Still Down a Pound and What I've Learned..........

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

I think that I have learned this round that there is a balance between too much exercise and healthy eating and weight loss. For the first part of the BLC24 round I was doing a lot of cardio and some ST and working in the orchard and doing physical stuff around the messy horse paddock (shovelling you-know-what) and just basically being a real work out nut.

I found I was getting very frustrated with not losing weight and was even gaining which was really annoying. After reading a bit on SP and the 'net, I figured I was maybe doing too much.

I have backed way off on my cardio, we are not working in the orchard currently and the horse paddocks are not clean but the ground is dry so that work is easy.

And voila! My weight has steadily gone down these past three weeks or so. My eating and wine drinking are not much different. I have just given myself permission to not be so obsessed with exercise and to allow myself some rest during the week. I have also increased the intensity of my work outs such as going crazy on the rowing machine and lifting heavier dumbbells but then that in turn makes my session shorter.

For example, this past week I sat at my desk on Friday during work, walked around the mall after that doing some shopping and ate some Chinese take out for a mid afternoon snack and also had supper and didn't do a speck of exercise, Saturday I napped and went out for dinner, again not a speck of exercise and Sunday I did some gym time but nothing else and yesterday I only walked on the treadmill and did some ST and ate supper at 7:30 at night (with wine) and still managed to lose a pound from last Wednesday.

So, while my whole life schedule for this past week might not be of interest to all of you, I guess my point is that if you are struggling with losing weight and think you are doing all that you should be: eating well, working out etc maybe you’re doing more than you should be? Or, maybe you should be pushing yourself a little more in regards to lifting a bit heavier weights, one more set of something, or running harder but for a shorter time? There are great articles on SP about this.

Just don’t give up. I wanted to a few weeks back. I thought I was doing everything right and was still gaining. I think my body was bored. It needed more challenge less often. But of course this is just what is working for me right now. I know all of you are different but I know that if I can do it, all of you can too!

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