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Decrapifying=my new favorite word

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Today a friend used the word “decrapifying”. I can’t tell you how much I love this word. I don’t know if she made it up or if she got it from someone else, but it’s a great word. I’ve been working for a month now, off and on, to decrapify my house. I have a very small home. Three bedrooms, which is sufficient. I wish I had four so I could have a workout/craft room, but nah-ja it is what it is. I think I just typed in German without even thinking about it..sorry…hope it won’t happen again-lol. “Nah-ja” is a German colloquialism equivalent to something like “whatever”, it’s something I still think a lot, but I don’t think I’ve ever had it come out in type before-lol…the human mind is so weird. Okay, side-track over.

Decrapify. To rid oneself, or one’s space, of crap. LOVE it. The trick is figuring out how much is crap and how much really needs to stay. Kids’ baby books? Not going anywhere and have a permanent spot on the book shelf. Multiple hard back and soft back books I probably won’t ever read again? Decided that a lot of them are crap and about a third are not. Clothes.

How many sweaters does a So. Cal. Gal need? Probably one or two…time to thin the herd, I definitely don’t need 8. Running jackets are a different matter. 4 of those and they all get to stay-lol.

Blankets. You would not believe how many blankets I have in my house. I have no idea why. It’s not like we need to huddle under a pile of them to survive. A few of those are going in the next load, but not the afghan my husband’s grandmother knitted for us…no, that stays until we die and the kids fight over who gets it.

Clothes. Son won’t stop growing and had SHIRTS and SHIRTS and more shirts that no longer fit. Good-bye. Middle has outgrown almost everything she owns, but youngest doesn’t fit those things yet so find a corner and shove it away.

Two crock-pots? Why do I have two crock-pots? I barely use one. Wonder if I can handle parting with one.

Sitting right where I am I can see four partially burned candles? Why do I have four partially burned candles and maybe I can put a few away until I finish off one.
Hopefully one of these days soon I’ll stand in the middle of my FAR too small living room and look around and say, “this room is decrapified, I am pleased”. Then I’ll move to the dining room and say, “this room is decrapified, I am pleased.” Eventually I’ll move through each room of the house repeating this as I go, something like a mantra. “This house is decrapified, I am pleased.” Maybe not. Maybe five people in such a small place will always result in some amount of crap, but I’ll keep going and keep trying and I’ll even keep at in other places. Maybe someday I can look in the fridge and see no crap inside. Or look in the bucket we keep on the counter for quick snacks and see only healthy foods, like whole fruit and healthy nut bars, instead of Cheetos and suspicious looking granola bars.

Maybe someday I’ll post a big old sign on the front door that says, “Please come in, I’m happy to have you over because my house has been decrapified.” Until that day, one day at a time. Today I’m decrapifying the small space behind the sofa and in front of the back door. It’s a weird space that loves to collect junk and only exists because the living room is such a weird, long, rectangle that I had to put furniture in a place that made a dividing line and left this weird, junk collecting space. Today I’ll be able to say, “this space has been decrapyfied”, at least until the kids wake up tomorrow.

Anybody else in the process of decrapifying? What kind of stuff do you keep that is really crap? For me it’s clothes, books and craft stuff. Tomorrow, bright and early is a running day and I’m SO looking forward to it. I want to go out and leave “it” all on the pavement. That’s how I decrapify the rest of my life…a good run. Time to go out and participate in a good strong decrapify session. ‘Til tomorrow (at least I remembered not to type “bis später”.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • JIBBIE49
    609 days ago
    Somehow it seems all the crap ends up in my room. At least I only have one room to decrapify though... on with the spring cleaning!
    2593 days ago
    Great word and great philosophy! I love clothes and crafting stuff. I need a decrapifying session soon!
    2597 days ago
    I decrapify twice year; spring with the spring clean and again when the winter clothes come out of storage.
    When we moved last October, we had a major decrapify emoticon

    emoticon Heather, an organised house leaves a lovely satisfied feeling!
    2598 days ago
  • CARTER4414
    I definitely think that my garage needs some decrapifying. emoticon
    2598 days ago
    That is a great word!!! Most of the time I just wish I could decrapify my BRAIN!! Too much junk floating around in there...

    I've been on a spring cleaning kick myself and find that it's time to start weeding out some stuff. Like the bookcases full of books that I haven't touched in I don't even know how long...Can you believe I still have the set of encyclopedias that mom bought when we were kids?!?!? I debate keeping them for sentimental reasons, but that is an awful lot of space and weight to hold for sentiment when reality is that some of the information is probably so outdated it wouldn't even be accurate anymore, or when you can easily hit Google up and find anything you could possibly want to know - with videos to boot even!!! Ugh...I'm still debating that one...LOL

    Good job and see you in the morning!
    2598 days ago
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