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...2 (plus) years later.. running INDY (again)! Part 2

Saturday, May 10, 2014


I hadn't intended to write the previous blog but I guess it sort of explains how I came to the place I've arrived at today and serves as a "catch up" to what's been going on in the world of Deej, albeit only a fraction of my reality, my BIZZY BIZZY life!!

As noted in my final blog of 2012.. I ran a half-marathon in Indianapolis, (my State Capitol), in Sept 2012. I was probably in the best running shape of my life, I had trained hard that summer in prep for what was to be my first Marathon in the fall and I was "primed" (in my mind) for a PR because Indianapolis is flat, especially compared to the rolling terrain I train on routinely. Long story short (the long story's in my Oct 2012 blog HA!) It was an unseasonably warm day, tornadoes were striking all around us causing them to have to remove most of the mile markers & signage and we were warned the race might be "called".. I ran my heart out, went out too fast (of course).. sweat like the HAWG I can be while running & wasn't able to get enough fluid in me... it was the 1st (and only) race I've ever run where the timing chip didn't work.. my clock time was just over 2:01 and while I'd like to think my chip time would have reflected the sub 2 hour I was going for, I'll never really know for certain.. I bonked in the last half mile & walked much of it and collapsed with every muscle in my lower body seizing in cramps just after crossing finish... oh my, what a day to remember!!

THAT leading up to my report of RUNNING INDY again, but this time with my daughter running as well and with much better conditions surrounding the experience; unseasonably cool rather than unseasonably warm! THAT, I could handle!! Here's a cut & paste of my recap:

ONE AMERICA 500Festival Mini Marathon:

I went into this one a tad nervous, not that I didn’t trust my recovery plan which had me running no further than 6 for my long run and was depending on cumulative fatigue, but after my 5, 4, 6 last weekend I was unusually achy and it didn’t want to let up which made me a bit fearful my Periformis Syndrome (or whatever it is) might rear its ugly head mid race. Despite my fears and with a sick stomach (dinner didn’t settle) & no sleep, I toed the start line in a 48 degree temp with 15 mph winds. My daughter was racing as well which was a huge bonus to the whole experience. The early miles were a bit rough but surprisingly, I felt I crossed over a threshold of energy at just past 5.5 and when I entered the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track soon after (home of the Indy500), I was exhilarated! Quite an experience for this born & bred Hoosier! At mile 7 I remember thinking, “I’ve surpassed my training mileage” and I was so energized as I exited the track at about 8.5 I couldn’t believe it.. who feels stronger the further they run when they’ve been down & out for so long!! At 9 my tummy & “associated systems” tried to talk me into visiting a porta-potty but with much prayer I held on & made it through the “moment” electing not to take in any more fuel; I knew I had it!! When I felt I was pushing the pace too hard I let up on the gas just enough to assure I’d get through the remaining miles & I walked each of the 3 Gatorade stops I made. I felt some tightness in various areas of that right leg but it wasn’t bad. As I passed 10 I realized my comeback was in the bag and at 11, with thoughts of my husband and son at finish and my daughter laying all she had in her on the track as well... I soared. As I saw those black and white flags lining the road and the “Finish” ahead, I thought of my friend who lost her husband one year ago that very day and with her on my shoulder and in his honor, I gave it all I had left in my engine... I did it... I’m back!! 10 mins slower than my PR but still #51 of 675 in my Age Division.. and I’m determined, the best is yet to come!! :)

Highlights: Losing my visor at 5.5 in a wind gust & chasing it down. Calling my husband, my mom and my in-laws while on the Indy500 track to let them know they were with me. Medaling my daughter who said she had the best run ever and posted a pic of herself and me labeled: “I’ve inherited her love of running”.. :) it doesn’t get much better than that!!
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