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I'm still here

Monday, May 19, 2014

Well, it's been awhile but I've been busy! We got the boat down to the lake. That is also known as the trip from hell or Black Thursday!! Very convoluted story--it's funny in retrospect (well, my husband still won't laugh). 4-5 hour trip took us 11 hours (yes, with the dog!) Long story short, bad tires on the trailer (at different times on the trip). Not good. I spent about 3 hours at a Walmart in Orange County. emoticon Never been so happy to unhook a trailer/boat in my life. The rest of the trip was wonderful. Beautiful weather, the dog was good, and we had a great time.
I did my monthly weigh and measure a couple weeks ago. I think I lost 2 pounds. I never like to claim it because my weight fluctuates a lot. I was happy with that. But, I gained an inch on my hips and thighs. What's up with that? Food is good; fairly good portion control but the exercise has been erratic (as usual). We have 2 weeks til we leave for England so I had planned on a lot of walking these last 2 weeks to get ready for the trip. However, I've been having some recurring pain on the top of my left foot--right where I had a stress fracture in 2010. I got in to podiatrist today and he thinks it may be precursor to another stress fracture. Are you kidding me???? When we're going to England???? AARRGGG! He put me back in the boot until the day we leave. He's hoping we caught it early enough that 2 weeks of rest should take care of it. Hope so! It wasn't constant pain and it wasn't severe pain so I'm optimistic.
Of course, I'm pretty sure the reason for this is my weight gain. The original stress was from using stretchy band during exercise. I asked dr. if weight could be the cause and he would not give me a straight answer. So, again I'm thinking more about my weight and losing some of it. I had seen some pictures of me with grandkids and my reaction was "whoa, momma!". I'm more than chubby, I've moved into heavy (but she has such a pretty face!). Gotta do something and now my exercise is so limited for the next 2 weeks.
I emailed my PCP today. We belong to Kaiser and I may have access to nutritional services. I also looked online for nutritionists but not many listed and many of those are pushing special diets, supplements, or acupuncture. Not opposed to any of those but very skeptical of all but acupuncture and I'm not sure that works for weight loss. Any one have any info? What I'm looking for is more of a counselor. I NEED a live person who I am accountable to. Someone to be my cheerleader and keep me pumped and on track. I love SP and it's great but none of you can see me. I don't have to look any of you in the eye. You are all so encouraging and supportive and, sometimes, I think that allows me to excuse myself and my actions or lack thereof. Having a counselor to see may be one of the reasons Jenny Craig worked for me. That, and you eat all of their food. Just not in a position to afford that anymore. Has anyone used a counselor/nutritionist? I don't know--the cost of that may be prohibitive, too.
I'm not feeling down (except for this foot and possible impact on England) but I think I'd feel better if I could just lose even 5 pounds.
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  • GUNNSGIRL91303
    Nutritionists are great to work with!

    Sounds like a terrible trip home, glad you finally made it safely though! Good job on the weight loss.
    2572 days ago

    I'm so sorry to hear your foot is troubling you. I will chant up the good juju that helped me when I sprained my ankle 2 weeks before we left for England. And oh please get yourself some uber super good shoes to wear while you're there. That is the walkingest country

    Is it your first trip? A return journey?

    And honey - I hope you can find what you need in the way of a counselor. In the end we all know that the only real discipline comes from within, but helping hands along the way can really make a difference. For me it was a really sympathetic Weight Watcher team. For others it will be the folks at Jenny Craig who selectively limit their food options. For still others it can be a one-on-one thing. But most of the very good people here at spark people are too kind to kick us in the pants when that's what we need. they can't bear to think they've hurt someone who's already hurting with a pain they know so well themselves.

    But truth is? You know what you need to do and you have all the power in the world to actually do it. And your body is crying out for you to do it. If you can't find a counselor, or if insurance won't pay for it, let your body be your counselor. Do what it takes to make that foot stop hurting. One day at a time. Only a single day. Only this one meal. Make the right choices.

    Hugs and more hugs to you.

    (There are times when I really HATE boats. )
    2582 days ago
    Hope the foot is getting better. I have been to London an.d loved it. I wish I could have seen more. I /hope I can go back. Have a great trip!
    2585 days ago
    Sounds like you are in the throes of some exciting adventures.
    2586 days ago
    Yay Beth!!
    At first I was like Walmart in Orange County??!!! What? You must be next to me but then I realized Virginia is still more than 11 hours from California emoticon

    We continue on don't we? Where we are is ..........where we are. We never give up, just keep living emoticon
    2586 days ago
    I have a crappy health insurance plan but it covers sessions with a registered dietician if your doctor recommends it.
    My personal experience was not good but that could have been the luck of the draw.
    I felt like I knew more than this young lady...I just couldn't lose weight.
    I might just try it again one of these days.
    I'm so sorry about your foot.
    I did not get to 'train' for my trip to Europe in April because of my heel surgery but, with the help of some great shoes and doubling up my socks, I was able to log up to ten (slow) miles a day.

    2587 days ago
    Total freak out on the stress fracture!! That is scary. Thank God you caught it before you got to England. What is with all the stress fractures? Maybe your doctor didn't say it was the weight induced because he doesn't think it is. You have been tested a lot for lupus. Maybe there is something else going on they are missing.

    If I had money/insurance I would explore all kinds of options for weight loss. Our new insurance doesn't pay for anything. What can it hurt to find out if they will pay for it. You may stumble upon a great solution. As far as nutritionists go, I think they suck. I've not known anyone who went to them who was successful permanently.

    The bottom line is that your foot will be healed before you go to England and you will have a great time.
    2587 days ago
    Hi, Beth. Sorry to hear about your foot cracking up again. But dead chuffed I am that you're going to England! Have a great trip, and share some photos!

    You're right about Spark, we can't sit at the table with you, much as we would like to. Because we care about you and we know that you understand what we're all going through and you support us.

    The solution lies within you. I believe it. I just hope Spark is a part of it. emoticon
    2587 days ago
  • JANEDOE12345
    Instead of looking for a weight counselor, look for a therapist who deals with weight issues. An LCW should be able to help you with talk therapy, just find one that is ok to discuss details like exact pounds. Your insurance is more likely to pay for therapy than for weight loss methods (nutty, huh?) . You sound like you are not looking for a sergeant with a scale, but for a person to communicate with on a personal level, and I have had good help from dealing with weight as a depression symptom. Perhaps there is a therapist who will be willing to help out but not psychoanalyze you too too much.


    I understand your point about SP. It is too distant and too easy to go easy on myself. I love my buddies here but as you said, you don't SEE me and I can just fib about anything I want to, and then get away with more weight creeping up, and then complain about it. But still end up fat, not slender. And it's no one's fault but mine!

    2587 days ago
    Wow, England, that's so AWESOME!
    I think using a counselor or nutritionist is a great idea. It reminds me of the need in AA for face to face interaction with a sponsor and honest feedback and self evaluation.
    I hope your foot heals completely and you are ready for your wonderful trip!
    2588 days ago
    Beth do tell me where in England please I can imagine what you are looking at.
    Your boat travel must have been fun in places but things always look different when you look back.

    I still have not heard from the family hopefully no news is good news. Thanks for all of the support. Pat in Maine. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2588 days ago
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