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Camp Wannabefit Scavenger Hunt

Friday, June 20, 2014

These are the things I've found.


We always have Sunglasses in Florida

Grill--my neighbor's

Beautiful flower

Suntan Lotion--Another must-have in FL--I have a variety!

Sprinkler--My grandson loves to play in the sprinkler. He is such a ham!

The robin was a hard one because they pretty much left here in March. But here's a Heron who let me take his picture.

If you absolutely must have a robin...I found this one at the local Ace Hardware on a bird feeder. (Actually I put him on the bird feeder)




Flip Flops--this was such a colorful pile!

Didn't know if this one was cold water or cold drinks. I always have a cup or bottle of water handy.

This tub of cold drinks was also at Ace Hardware. They have all kinds of cool stuff there.

Watering can

Lawn Chairs--These are in a neighbor's yard. I saw them when I was walking.

Salad-- Made this yummy salad last night for dinner.

Farmers Market--the Farmer's Market in our little town is only on the first Saturday of the month. But because of all the farms around, we do have roadside vendors. Look at that pile of watermelons!

Jogger--Our town has a half mile track at the park.

Mosquito--I try my best to avoid mosquitoes and other biting bugs. And the town periodically sprays in our neighborhood. I did get bitten a few times last month when we went camping. In hopes, that this square was bugs in general, I found a dragonfly willing to pose. If not, subtract 10pts.

Motorcycle--Most around here are going to fast to photograph, but I found this one parked by the road.

Garage Sale Sign--Found this one today down the road. Sorry it's so blurry...I was trying to snap between cars.

Bicycle--Me and my bike

Butterfly--Not many butterflies around here either. Which is why we ended up at Ace Hardware to start with. I thought there might be one fluttering around all the flowers. We had a nice walk around looking at all the pretty flowers and my husband (who was my scavenger hunt assistant) spotted this teeny tiny butterfly in amongst some flowers. You have to look real close to find it. It's the orange bit on the purple flower. It was moving pretty fast.

Picnic Table--At Heritage Park, which is a collection of restored buildings, including a drugstore, a train station, a church and a garage with moonshiners cars. (Running shine was big business around here back in the day.....lots of woods. I told you I live in the boonies!) It has a few picnic areas too. At Christmas the town strings lights all over and it looks so pretty.

Ice Cream Cone--OK...I know if I bought a cone, I'd eat it.... so I just took a picture of the cone on the window. NSV!

Pool-- This it the YMCA pool. It's the only public pool in the town.

This was fun and it did get us out of the house. DH was a big help finding things. This last photo was not on the scavenger hunt and I'd bet this is the only one in the country! I just had to include it cause that's the kinda small town we live in.

That's right....a drive thru convenience store! You drive in, tell the lady what you want and she hands it to you. It's called the Pit Stop. It was pretty cool.
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