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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Well, I'm a bit more than halfway through my super intense microbiology class. The truth is that is all I've been able to do lately. Class for 7 hours, homework every night, and weekends for studying. I mean, a big exam every week means constant time studying. And I needed to ramp up my studying because I failed the first two tests so far. Yeah.... Super hard. However, I am enjoying the class. Its challenging, my brain feels like its constantly stimulated, and I'm definitely learning a lot. Dunno how it'll tie into nutrition yet, but I'll do what I gotta do.

Sadly, I am losing my priority registration for the upcoming semester. That is actually pretty devastating considering the only classes I have left to take are in high demand and are really difficult to get in to. Registration started today for those with priority and I don't get to register until the 17th. That leaves my chances pretty slim. I'm going to email the professors of the classes and see what they suggest. Hopefully there is something they can do.

As for my home situation, I've completely checked out for the time being. The first week of class this summer I cooked dinner every night (except Tuesday, my Bible study night) and cleaned the kitchen by myself. That contributed a great deal to why I failed the first test in my class. I was so frustrated and upset, I vented to my mom about it. She was the second person to tell me to check out. My grandma told me to before class even started. Anyway, my mom said everything I already complain about: everyone is a fully capable adult that should have the sense of responsibility and the initiative to help me and they choose not to (herself included, which she fully admits to). So, in her words "f*** it! F*** the rest of us! You gotta do what you gotta do to secure your future!" So, I took her advice. I haven't stepped foot in the kitchen to cook or clean. It is a disgusting disaster zone in there. I think having it be so disgusting is stressing me out just as much as me having to do all the work and upkeep myself. I'm not really sure what to do about it.

Also, we got a new refrigerator on Monday of last week and guess who it was left up to to set up? You betcha. It took me almost 5 days to slowly find the time to transfer the stuff from the old fridge to the new fridge. And both fridges are still in my kitchen, which as you can imagine, takes up a ridiculous amount of space and defeats the power saving capabilities of getting a new fridge. Yeesh! While there are still things in the old one, they are things that just need to get thrown out. I suppose I'll have to take care of that sometime soon, too, so it can be moved out of the house. In retrospect, I wish we'd have gotten a new dishwasher instead!

As for my 38 day challenge to eat as clean as possible, I'm doing okay. I've admittedly been faltering lately, but with the addition of the fridge and the lack of clean dishes to cook with AND eat with, I've not been paying that close of attention. I do pretty decently most of the time, though. I still make the majority of my lunches clean (maybe 1 day out of the week its less-than-clean). When I do eat breakfast, which admittedly I don't do very often, I make that clean also. Those delicious Starbucks Doubleshots (NOT the energy drink ones) end up being my breakfast most days. Those are pretty clean, too, so I accept them. Dinner is where things get murky. Since I refuse to cook and it seems that everyone else does, too, we rely on fast food or processed food for most dinners, especially lately. Maybe that will change soon, maybe it won't. Trying not to let it be my problem.

Beyond that, there isn't much else to tell. I didn't celebrate Independence Day because I was studying. I didn't hit up any good 4th of July sales because I was studying. I decided not to go to the Kiss/Def Leppard concert I was supposed to go to in San Diego on Sunday night because I was studying. It paid off, though. I got a B+ on the test. Seriously only 1/2 a point away from an A. So unfair!

Obligatory photos:

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So happy your class is going well for you! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you on getting the classes that you need next semester.

    So sorry that things are tough for you at home! I know that must weigh on you and I fully understand the stress that mess can create. You are right to focus on YOU! Not sure why the other won't pitch in and help, but you can't let their lack of motivation drag you down.

    Love your Starbucks photo! Hope you get some major rest time in soon! emoticon
    2497 days ago
    Wow! that is some determination, willing to pass up on being part of the Kiss Army and Def Leopard???? Glad it paid off for you~biology was my field of study too, so know how killer some of those courses can be. Don't get too discouraged, it's not like high school.....earning your grades is alot different in college. It took me along time to not beat myself for the lower spectrum of grades....but I managed and survived, and you will too! Sorry the family and housechores make it little hard to focus~know it's hard for me to leave a sinkful of dishes for long. How many more weeks before end of Summer semester??
    2497 days ago
    emoticon on the B+.
    I greatly admire your determination to accomplish your education goals. I think if you keep bugging the teachers, they will see how important it is to you and let you in.

    I know it is hard dealing with your living situation. Carve yourself a spot to prepare healthy meals, take care of yourself first. If you do get to SD in the near future I'll join you and SDLOV3R at the beach. You are looking great! Must be all that brain exercise!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2497 days ago
  • JSPIN74
    You're a powerhouse! You're doing f'ing amazing...& so much as always..

    Your mom's wisdom is well...well it's wise...you have to secure your future & say f everything else on occasion. Everything will be back on track when you have the time/energy to do it ALLLL again.

    2497 days ago
    Look at it this way: all that studying will eventually result in you having your own kitchen that no one else can go into! It's really hard to eat well in that kind of environment, though, so I understand (my own kitchen is pretty much a disaster area...because I don't take the time to take care of things).

    Congratulations on your B+. That is freaking awesome. You got this.
    2497 days ago
    How fantastic that your family is so supportive of your education. Hang in there. You're doing FANTASTIC! I certainly hope the profs can move registrations around. In some of my last classes in my undergrad the professors booted people out of the class who still had time left on campus in order to make room for people who were trying to graduate. I hope that's the case for yours.

    YOU ROCK!!!!! Also, when your class winds down, you should come out to SD and go hit the beach with me and Colin. :-)
    2497 days ago
    I/2 point from an A...Crap! But, hey, look how well you did...all the studying paid off! Man, you have enough stress going on...wish people would pitch in for you! But take care of yourself, this is too important! Loved your crude...lol
    Hang in there, sending smart thoughtsand prayers for good things!
    Good Luck getting the classes!
    Love & Hugs,
    2497 days ago
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