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Monday, September 01, 2014

So there I was on Saturday morning, doing an intentionally slow run, feeling good, music blaring through my iPod....approaching mile six, feeling I had another 4 slow miles in me....when....

foot hit uneven concrete....and I saw sidewalk quickly approaching face...I threw my hands down hoping to brace the fall, and just turned my head to the side just as my upper body hit....hands flayed, didnt help....hat flew off...and I barely grazed my face on concrete. I sat there for a minute feeling equal parts silly and equal parts "OUCH!" My right knee was a scraped mess...and it now matches the knee I really messed up a couple years ago in a similar fall. So, bookends! Face was fine, no sprained anything, collected my hat and sorely jogged a couple more miles to my water fountain....

which of course wasnt working. Ha! I just had to laugh, shake my head....and keep walking the rest of the way home. Why stop now?

Life throws us little curves sometimes, little obstacles that hurt for a moment...so we need to take the time to breath, make sure everything is where it is supposed to be....then get back on our path. What's a little fall here and there? That is what helps us grow. Happy Sunday everyone!
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