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*Plunk* *Plunk* PLANK!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Today I am 83 days post VSG surgery and 53 pounds lighter. I am 99 pounds from my goal of 120 pounds. If I am thrilled with my results at 130, though...I'll stop. At 4'10, the doctors tell me 105-115 is where I should aim, but since my family has boobs, butts, and thighs I am not really listening too close.

I've been doing some very basic yoga for flexibility and strength training with weights. I've noticed I am a bit stronger and definitely more flexible. I'm in less pain than usual, which is saying a lot. I have arthritis, back degeneration, lupus, and fibromyalgia, so reduced pain and flare-ups is a wonderful thing. I give the credit to both the weight loss and being able to move more. Which brings me to a great big old emoticon I want to share with you.

My daughter-in-law started holding free Meditation in the Park classes every Sunday last year for a while and recently resumed. I've been attending. Before and after each session there is a Sun Salutation yoga sequence. I've always modified almost EVERY movement because of my lack of flexibility and my range of motion problems. My planks were non-existent - basically a flopping onto my front and struggling to then raise myself into cobra position. I would go for a plank and instead I would plunk. Every. Single. Time.

Today, though.... plank, down, and up into cobra emoticon emoticon not just once, but several times! I shocked myself! I am very proud of myself for this. There were times when I feared holding a plank was going to be too much to aspire to at my health level. I was also thrilled to be able to share this victory in person with two of my fellow San Antonio Spark team members, AvidWisher and HeidiJuneBug, who also attended the meditation session this morning. Made it even sweeter to be with folks who really know the struggles I have.

I say it all the time, and I truly mean it. Never give up. Never give in. If you keep going, keep trying, keep hope alive, you will amaze yourself with what you can do. While today's success might be tiny to some, there are those of us for whom it is a HUGE victory. Reach for those milestones, stretch yourself towards them, grab hold and celebrate. You have it within you to make it happen. Do what you have to do to get where you need to be and do not for one minute give up on yourself.

As always, I love you all.
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