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Hard to believe it's been five years....

Thursday, January 08, 2015

I used to be really active on this site. I was so good about tracking everything and blogging my progress. After I had my son, Hunter, life got so busy and I stopped coming on this site. I got to below my pre-pregnancy weight in about three months and I joined the Army. Big life changes happened.

It's hard to believe I started my weight loss journey 5 years ago. I lost 65lbs. Gained 45 during pregnancy and then lost 50 for a total weight loss of 70 lbs from my highest weight. I've maintained it....for the most part.

I was really depressed when I got to my first duty station. Things weren't working out in my marriage, and I am most definitely a stress eater. I gained 25 lbs in the first year I was here at this duty station. After a long struggle, I asked my husband for a divorce and spent most of 2014 dealing with said divorce and the adjustments after. Things are much better now and I can actually say that I am still friends with my ex-husband.

I am seeing someone new, and he encourages me every day to do my best at everything. To include my job and even my weight loss. He knows I'm not happy with how much I've gained back. So far, with his support and motivation, I am back on track to a healthier me.

For a little while I got back into the way of thinking where I felt like I should be seeing instant results, even though I know all too well that that isn't possible with weight loss. I have dropped 5lbs so far and have another 20 to go to get back to my pre-Army weight. Hoping that I have some more success now.
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