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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hello everyone.

Hubby, myself and the two kitties finally made it over to the east coast and slowly settling in. It has been a hectic two months, but we are finally slowing down on the craziness. Lots of things didn't go as planned, but we managed to get through them.

Anyway, now that that is in the past, I can finally start concentrating on my fitness and health again.

I didn’t do that bad in the weight department, but I lost almost all the endurance and toning that I had. That really upsets me because I worked hard in getting were I was. I know that I will get them all back, but I was planning on being further into my half marathon training by now, and not starting from scratch.
Just as a reference; I had built up my long runs to 10 miles, and now I am out of breath and ready to collapse with only 3. My mid-section has a nice jiggly coating on it and although it keeps it warm, it is not welcome.

I tried to keep active and eat healthy as much as I could, and I think I did well considering the circumstances of moving, staying in hotels and constantly busy.
However, this week I went into panic mode when I realized that if I don’t press on the breaks soon I will be 40 pounds overweight again. I realized that this new lifestyle is exactly like the one I had when I gained the weight. Oh no!
So after this shock…..I got down to business, and made these simple plans - Workout each day and log what I eat. Simple enough.
As proof of my workouts, here is a pic of my coach assistant. It comes with judgment and scrutiny just like at the gym.

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