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Where's the Motivation?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My friend has been asking me that for the last few weeks. "Vicky, where is your motivation?" Honestly, I just don't know. Sometime last year, I think as far back as April, I just stopped caring. Don't get me wrong, i still work out at least 5x a week and my mileage is insane by most standards. But my eating habits/nutrition have gone out the door. I use to be so disciplined...

My lowest weight was sometime last February at 247lbs...

I know that my knee was in a lot of pain and I backed off just a bit, but it seems like I used it as an excuse to just give up. I watched the scale as the numbers grew higher and higher and each day I vowed to get myself under control. But as much as i said it, I know that I didn't believe it.

So over this past weekend i got out my journals and I reviewed what i had been doing back then that made me successful. Eating right, actually just under 2000cals a day, walking/running and strength training. So what's the difference? I stopped eating right and i stopped strength training. So i set out the next two weeks with a list of strength training moves and miles to cover for each day. ok, so now I have the fitness all squared away. Now to tackle my nutrition.

I have a health coach that calls me every two weeks to discuss what's going on and what steps i should take to improve. We're starting slow. So for the next two weeks, I need to each at least one veggie AND one fruit every day. Seems easy right? Well, i hadn't been doing that so this comes at a great time to start incorporating it.

This is me now...at 281lbs

I'm nothing if not honest...281 isn't even the highest i've been back up to...i saw 292 since last year as well...i just can't keep this up. I know that I can do this. I have my plans set out, now it's just up to me to be disciplined.

Here I go...
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