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Eliminating Grains and Sugar

Thursday, February 26, 2015

I just updated my SparkPage. As I finished it occurred to me that it has turned into a blog. So I am posting it as a blog. Here it is:

I'm a vegetarian working towards becoming vegan. I have been overweight since childhood.

I was preparing for weight loss surgery years ago and dropped out after I became pregnant. Since then I have had two more kids. I look at my kids and I am scared. I do not want them to struggle with food like I do.

My oldest keeps asking to go to the beach. I am over 300 pounds. You will NOT be getting me into a swim suit! I do not own anything that could worn to the beach. My clothes are predominately black/dark. Whenever I get light colored pants my husband complains they make me look fatter and I should not go out in them. I would be miserable at the beach. Yet I do not want my weight to be a negative in her childhood. She should be able to go to the beach with her family.

I am starting to have a hard time moving. My knee clicks with every single step. My feet are starting to swell daily. I did a very low intensity 1 mile Walk Away the Pounds video for 3 or 4 days in a row. My knee started to hurt so bad I couldn't do it anymore. It was weeks before I stopped having pain.

I don't want to die or end up an invalid. I called the weight loss surgery program I was previously enrolled in and they are putting me back in the program. So I am starting again.

I recently discovered the Pound of Cure program. I really liked it. I especially liked that it was compatible with a lot of my Happy Herbivore recipes.

However, the Metabolic Reset was just too big a change for me. I could never last a week on it. During the few days I did make it I experienced significant weight loss which suggests it would work well for me.

So I have decided my biggest problems are grains and sugars/sweeteners. I am starting an experiment where I do not follow the entire Metabolic Reset. Instead I just eliminate grains and sugar/sweetener from my diet for 2 weeks. I am not going through my cupboards so their may be hidden sugar somewhere. But, I won't ADD it to my food. I will also stay away from high sugar foods like jam, syrup, etc.

I recently finished a behavior modification class for people preparing for weight loss surgery. One day we were talking about life after surgery and how we felt about not being able to eat certain foods anymore.

I not occurs to me that even though I have not had surgery yet, I can't eat grains and sugar/sweetener now. No, they don't make me dump so technically I could eat them. However, not everyone who has surgery dumps so surgery does not guarantee an inability to eat a certain food.

I can't eat these foods because even if I plan carefully so they "fit" into my nutritional goals things always go awry. It may be in a day or two or it could take months. But, eventually I find myself spending way to much time looking forward to my "treat".

Next, I eat less of other foods so I can "afford" to have a larger "treat" while staying in my nutritional goals. Then I end up sabotaging a great day by ending it with way too much of my treat. This leads to days/weeks/months/years of eating badly. So I can't eat these foods--surgery or not.

Thus begins my 2 weeks. Wish me luck!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SUNSHINE5268
    had to come back again and read your lovely inspiring post :-)

    just wanted to wish you a wonderful weekend emoticon
    2279 days ago
  • SUNSHINE5268
    your post is soooooooooooo inspiring, hugs
    2296 days ago
    I am a HUGE fan of Happy Herbivore! You should chek out Chef AJ!!
    She promotes an SOS (sugar, oil, salt) free vegan diet & her recipes are really good. She is a sugar addict so, I can really relate to what she says about sugar addiction! Also Dr John McDougall!!
    Good luck to you!! I know how difficult it is to struggle with sugar addiction but, now that we know we are, maybe it will be easier to deal with emoticon
    Keep pushing & so will I!!!

    I also cannot allow myself "treats". EVERYTIME I do, I am off the rails for a minimum of 3 days!! 3 days can undo 2 weeks of hard work!!
    2302 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/5/2015 2:45:22 PM
  • JUDITH1654
    Good luck to you!!!!
    2309 days ago
    As I read your blog, my heart went out to you on several points. First, I am so proud of you for having the courage to keep on keeping on--I am right behind you on weight (right around 260 or 270 last time I weighed in) so I understand how hard it is to go to the beach or anywhere for that matter. And how dare your husband say something that unsupportive and insulting. How plain out RUDE. Would he say that to a stranger? I think he is treating you to less courtesy than he would a perfect stranger. The world is cruel enough to us without someone you love adding to the pain.

    About the walking, and your knee pain...for me, the knee pain started going away after I got down to about 190 or less, but came back when I gained weight again. I just did the walk anyway and put ice on my knees everyday and soaked in Epsom Salts and massaged them the best I could (hard to reach my knees at all). I think we all have pain from moving our big heavy bodies around but it can't be helped if we are going to exercise. Some pain is going to be part of it, at least for me. I can barely move my heavy self so I just had to decide I would walk anyway. I got a job, and at first my feet hurt so bad I could barely cripple home after my shift but now seven months later, my feet can deal with it. It took a long time but I did adjust to being on my feet for work. I think walking is like that, give it a few months before you give up. I gave it six months and it was enough for me to adjust.

    Now for my exercise I have to start over because I quit--sure am wishing I didn't lol
    So if you start up we will be starting together. I am aiming for Mar 2 as my start day....

    Next, I applaud your efforts to give up grains and sugar. Its hard to make a diet change, big changes are hardest. I am thinking for me it is easier to Add than Subtract--I don't like to give up anything I love--so I plan to add some new stuff, a blueberry-kale-banana-almond milk smoothie for breakfast, a salad before dinner, 8+ cups of water, etc. Eventually my good habits will crowd out the bad ones I think.

    I do sincerely wish you the best of luck. I know in my heart that we can do this if we just stick to some kind of progress. You CAN do it!! You are already doing it, taking tiny baby steps, just by being here on Spark!

    2309 days ago
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