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A week ago I would not have....

Saturday, March 21, 2015

...Given my friend my car keys and walked the length of the mall to get to the cinema. ... Skipped juice to drink water ... Danced for 10 minutes for the exercise (and fun) ...eaten a medley of ground provisions (sweet potato, eddoes, dasheen, green fig, cassava) ... Ordered chick peas, green salad and chicken for lunch ... Ignored dairy queen and cinnabon and eat a healthy lunch right in front of both of them ... Untied my TRX and do a few strength training exercises to wake up my muscles for better workouts this week ....logged all my food... Every last bite ... Planned meals and even COOK HEALTHY dishes/ prepare salads ... Weigh and bag 200calories worth of almonds for snacks ... Read articled that improve my health between appointments ....blogged about a few of my healthy decisions. A lot has changed in only a week. Imagine what I can accomplish in a month of good decisions!
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