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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

So I'm kinda frustrated, but the only person I can be frustrated with is myself. Over the last two weeks I have been exercising regularly and eating healthy, except for on the weekends or when my whole day is spent away from home. It's so hard! My husband is home on the weekend so we go out and have fun and that usually will lead to poor food choices. It's so easy during the week because I usually am home and can control what the meals are and so that just makes it easier to make healthy meals. I guess I just need more self control and the will power to say no to options being thrown my way, because I'm not seeing the results I know I could be by now if I had been eating better over the weekends. I only weigh myself on Wednesday to keep my sanity, but the scale hasn't really budged since March 4th, so I feel like I am making no progress at all because I keep having to work off my crappy eating weekends.

What do you guys do when presented with food peer pressure? My husband doesn't force me to eat these things of course, but he suggests things and during my weaker moments I think it sounds great! haha I hate being the party pooper.

Anyways, on a more positive note I've been able to run farther than I ever have! I finally made it over the hump of running a mile, walking, running, walking, and running some more. I can go about 2.5 miles straight, no walking! I'm so proud of myself! I really just had to push myself and say that I still have it in me to keep going. I'm 22 years old, moderately overweight, and I think of myself as being a bit athletic. I knew I was capable of it. Of course I worked my way up, but I think I had been coddling myself for too long. I would think, "Hey that's a mile, that's great! You can take a break now" and so I always just felt pretty content there. Now I know I can do hard things and I hope I keep that as motivation to continue to progress even further. I am so close to being able to run a 5k! Also, I like to see my times improve with almost every run, it's just so encouraging. If anyone uses Nike+ and wants to add me. this is my username: jilian34

Well this is all for now, I hope to report in sometime soon with some more positive progress. Have a good one!
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    I get that you want to make progress as quick as possible, but honestly, you are doing things the right way right now! To cut out things "party pooper" style is not a realistic method of living your life. Your life is easier to control during the week (a la eating at home), but harder to control weekends-- I'm there, too.

    So, you need to be able to enjoy your time with your sig, and not blow your hard work during the week to crap... I say, do your research, and make "less poor" decisions when out and about. Regardless of where you go, there is always a better option available....

    Going to the bar for some wings and beer?
    Get a baked potato and ask them to put wing sauce on it, and have a beer, and then a glass of water.

    Fast food? Lots of options here. If you have a smart phone, you can plan a healthier option on the fly.

    Salads, steamed veggies, stir fries, take out the cheese/sour cream on mexican food, soups, breads-- and split desserts. You can go out and about and make "okay" choices that don't derail your plan.

    For me, I usually talk to my sig about the day's plans prior to going out so that I have some time to review the menu and get a plan in place and track it. Sometimes we end up somewhere I didn't plan for, but I can still find something that doesn't ruin it.

    You can do this, you are doing this. You are already making good choices, and you can continue that even when out partying with the sig. You got this.
    2283 days ago
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