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I think I might be crazy, horse crazy

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I'm a pretty busy person. Between my job as an attorney for the State, my husband and his family (2 out-of-the-house children) and his job, full time but weirder hours, and my family, there is a lot going on. Plus then you have our interests, mine in running and weight loss, his in managing his rental houses, dealing with his former father-in-law's death and estate, both of ours in travel and jet skiing, our weekends get spoken for pretty darn fast.

And into that, I'm thinking about bringing a horse.

I have wanted a horse for as long as I can remember. My grandparents have always had horses, and for years I was frustrated with my parents for not allowing me to get a horse. We had plenty of property, not great for horses because of the rocks, but do-able, and we could have had plenty of time. Instead, we did "more civilized" things like piano and violin lessons, tennis, etc...

My grandparents last horse passed away 8-10 years ago. It was a huge blow to them, as they had raised him from a foal.

Now I have a chance to adopt a big beautiful dapple grey, basically pure white along the body. He's about 17'3 and we have absolutely NO information about his history. He's going to take a lot of work, we don't even know if he's been broke to ride!

I can't imagine he hasn't been ridden, but I also have no idea whether he's been trained western, english, neck rein, etc...

Frankly though, he looks like a jumper, and he's fairly young, under 10 I would say. He's gelded, had vaccinations...and he just might be too much horse for me!

I'm teetering between a novice and intermediate rider. I used to ride a lot more as a teenager, but I haven't really ridden in years. I've taken some lessons and done trail rides, but most trail rides are kind of pointless, just walking in a line. I've tried to do more independent ones, but it's not easy. Whenever I would ride when I was younger I was responsible for catching my ride, brushing, tacking, and then putting up afterwards. But I've actually never mucked a stall, this is California, horses are in pasture 90% of the time.

I have horse pasture available. I have a stall (actually, I have about 6 of them...all currently being used for storage, but I can fix that), I have enough tack for a regiment, I have all the grooming, cleaning, shoeing, equipment I could ever need...most of it hasn't been used in 10 years so I'm going to have to do some serious cleaning and right now I just don't have TIME! But it can be done.

What I'm afraid I don't have is the expertise. I'm 33 and I'm not an expert rider. I'm pretty sure I can stay on him even if he objects to my presence, and I know I can control him to an extent...if he's broke. If he's not broke, I'm SOL.

My final worry? Time. Just time. I have a husband and a house that I never have time to really clean. I have a job, family. My husband and I like to travel, we have THREE vacations planned in the next year (10 days from now, September for our anniversary, and next April, but still), and while two of them are only a week, one is two weeks.

We want to take weekend trips in our trailer more often, we want to jet ski more often. I have a piano that I haven't played in years that I need to get tuned because I want to play more often. I feel like I might be crazy to even think about adding another commitment!

He would live with my grandparents, so he would have daily contact with people, and visual contact with other horses (they live next to a boarding stable). I could get out there a couple times a week, particularly weekends and 1-2 days during the week.

AM I CRAZY? Because I think I'm gonna do it. I literally vacillate on an hourly basis. My husband is supportive, my grandparents are kind of supportive but more cautious. My grandfather said he wouldn't recommend it, but he'll help out.

I think I'm crazy, and I think I'm in.
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    You sound like you have a very lucky life...
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