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Help alphabet , part two

Thursday, June 04, 2015

I hadn't looked at my blog entitled ." it sneaked up on me " someone commented on it today which made me re read it, The writer said I was an inspiration , who, me? It inspired me to do the next part of the "alphabet of help"

D ,= Diary , I did find writing down daily what I ate helped me. Now it's not so much what I ate exactly but how I felt and what made me put that chunk of cheese in my mouth when I didn't need it!

E. =. Extras , yes the extra chuck of cheese again, but also doing a few steps extra daily .or making some extra effort in my appearance ,if I looked a mess I felt a mess .

F =. Failing, no one plans to fail but very few go direct to winning. Being prepared for some falling off the plan , accepting it happens , another f, = Forget it ,and move on.

I am already looking at the next three letters of the help alphabet, . Or why not make your own,
Good luck

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