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Only a year plus later...

Thursday, June 11, 2015

And, I'm baaaack... new fitbit on wrist (Charge HR)... another new start!

Been really good at tracking everything in the last well, 10 days or so, until yesterday (still today to me, but after midnight)... things just got away from me and I didn't make it to the spinner and it broke my streak.

Oh well, got Wednesday intake tracked regardless!

So... the latest and greatest... our city has jumped on the bandwagon with the state's "Healthier Tennessee" programs, and have challenged us as teams of 5 to 'walk across Tennessee'. While trying to help get more people involved, I ended up volunteering to captain a team (as well as helping the other captains with their online reporting of progress, etc).

My team is doing great! As incentives, one of the other captains went to Dick's and got her teammates pedometers (at $20 a pop - nice!). I had to do likewise, but I'm more frugal and got almost the same thing at WalMart for my team members... only $15 each :)

As further incentive, I've been buying music on Amazon like it's going out of style (much of it has LOL). Each day when we get to walk around the neighborhood (on the clock!), I grab my JBL Charge bluetooth speaker in my left hand, and my phone in the right... and the Amazon music player revs us up and gets us going!

I've taken many requests (only to have to come home and purchase the tracks - or in many cases, entire albums if I like more than a few tracks), but this week I started with themes. Tuesday was "Turn Table Tuesday" for us, and I grabbed about 9 up-tempo and familar to most songs from the 70s!!! Today, was "Wacky Wednesday" and I cued up 80s hits! Nothing like seeing a group of 8 or so (all women but for one, lucky male LOL) doing the chorus for Y-M-C-A as we trudge down your block! Or today's screaming of 8-6-7-5-3-0-9!

I've added a bit more for MY team, since we are all at such varied fitness levels, ages and energy levels. Also, 4 of the 5 of us have DESK jobs, one of them gets to walk a lot more during the day, so she's carrying us through this challenge! LOL To keep competition up between us (for those who need THAT as their motivator), I've set up a POINTS system. We earn a point for each completed mile each day (2.55 miles = 2 points), but to help off-set for those on the lower end of the scale (hey, they're bustin' their humps more than the most energetic of us getting 5 miles in a day - with their 1.5-2.5 miles, just because it is that much more difficult for them to do - they deserve MORE points, but how do I manage that?), I toss in some 'Bonus rounds' for points outside of the mileage tracking.

Twice now, I've had them all email me their STEPS at 11am during the work day. The first time, 5 points went to the one with the highest reading at that hour. The NEXT time, I took the sum of the digits of the readings. Everyone got points. Another day, I posted a 'walking quiz' - 5 questions... whoever answered the most (first) correctly, got 5 points.

Yesterday I found a pop quiz on 70s music - hear the first second of a song, and it had a hangman-style answering system. I got 15/16... I was so proud! Only ONE of the other 4 even bothered participating. FLOP!

Today, I posted a cute pic on our FB Group page... and am hoping for an interesting caption contest - where they all vote (by Likes) on each other's posts. Also, since that won't be scored today, and to catch up the one lagging behind in points because she is not able to keep up with the Jones's on miles/points... I pulled a fun option for Wacky Wednesday (and I think I'll just do it every Wednesday)... Whoever had the fewest points, got their points as a bonus! So, she with 27 now has 54! Which brought her back in line with the rest of us that have earned our points through miles and well... in my case... knowing my 70s music! LOL

Yesterday, nearing the end of our 2nd (extra, bonus) lap (we're only walking .54 miles on this route)... Sean Paul - Temperature came on (again, bonus round, had already played thru the 70s playlist so I improvised with a highly energetic tune!). I took a lil' tumble! Proved to myself, dance-walking on the edge of a street/curb is NOT the smartest move for a klutz! Speaker went tumbling about 4 feet in front of me, phone was still in reach (great case, I must say - not even scuffed!). Wish I could say the same for my knee! Even scuffed up my brand new Fitbit :( It's not as bad as the knee or speaker, but... hey, it's proof of use, right? & Am so thankful for the teamies who rushed to scoop up the speaker, AND me! Bounced right back up and lumbered on! Got back in the office, and then assessed the damages. I think I'm gonna live :)

Proud that I stuck to my guns today and walked again... and at least hit my minimal goal of 3 miles today! Sure, it took a few extra/separate trips to the trash/recycle bins at the street - but I finished it off before midnight! I'm off tomorrow and Friday... and they're going to have to do the walks without me, and without my speaker! I hope it doesn't dampen the spirit much! I just hope I'm able to move tomorrow! Day 2 is likely to be when I'm really gonna start feeling the soreness from the fall!

So, just remember... every step is more benefit than no steps at all, and the only one you need to worry about doing 'better' than is yourself!

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