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Sunday, June 21, 2015

So, while upgrading my phone to a Samsung Note 4 today, I noticed they had the Gear S smart watches on sale. Now, it's only been a few weeks since I'd purchased my upgrade to the FitBit Charge HR for $150. I thought it was so cool, for $150 to have a watch that was also my fitbit AND had a caller ID feature. An almost-smart watch.

Today, I saw they had a special on the Samsung Gear S for only $99. Well, now isn't that lovely. A REALLY smart watch, that I can talk to as well as answer my new phone via... I'm worn out discovering the features, but haven't gotten but 124 steps tracked on it yet! LOL

Unfortunately, the Samsung devices are NOT in the auto-update to SparkPeople emoticon so I'm hesitant to give up my FitBit.

Now the fitbit is on my right wrist, and the Gear S is on my left! I'm feeling "all charged up" with no place to go (except to take out the trash and recycling LOL).

So, the other things going on right now, that make all this the PERFECT distraction...

A couple months ago, my hubby's father was diagnosed with terminal cancer (pancreas, liver, metastasized...). His wife (step-mom to hubby and his sister) decides it is the perfect time to MOVE him from Alabama to Tennessee, to be near HER family. We won't go into too many details there, or I could write a novel here, but hubby's sister and niece were in AL, along with many other support family. Also, great cancer center was 5 minutes away. He'd gone through 2 chemo treatments before moving up here and deciding to stop.

After being here about a week and a half, he had markedly changed appearance and stopped chemo. He was weak from dehydration and not eating. A week ago Friday evening, we were at their new house, along with hubby's sister and niece, when hubby decides it is time to be sick.

Saturday, hubby seemed better, actually ate a bit, no sick. Sunday was another story, and by about 4:30pm, he mentions that at least one of the times he got sick he had some blood in the vomit. I said, OK, we're going right now. Your choice, the urgent care still open, or the ER. He finally agreed to let me take him to urgent care.

Of course, after 2 minutes with him, they sent us on to the ER. Turns out, his gall bladder had a 2cm stone blocking a duct, aside from the fact that it was twice the size it should have been and obviously full of infection. It took them until Tuesday afternoon with continuous IV fluids and antibiotics to finally remove his gall bladder. They tried laproscopic, but it was too far gone and they ended up having to cut. HUGE cut, many staples holding him together. They also weren't sure that they weren't going to have to put a stent in his main liver bile duct.

They kept him another day waiting on a consult from a gastro specialist (turned out to be MY gastro doc, wow...), and then finally yet another day with solid foods. He was finally released Friday.

However, backing up a step... on Thursday, before we even knew about whether he was going to need another surgery himself, they were bringing his father into the ER, hoping to get him admitted (our hospital has a hospice wing). I was at work awaiting word that they were bringing him there, and before I'd heard thankfully his sister was able to arrange a nurse to bring hubby down to see his father, possibly one last time.

Friday comes, and as hubby is discharged... instead of being discharged to my car, they discharged to the room that dad was in. It was nice to be able to spend a little more time with him, and we feel/believe he knew we were there, and knew Dave's condition from the day before (and why we'd not been to his house all week).

Talk about when it rains, it pours??? emoticon emoticon

Saturday, while hubby was peacefully napping in a lortab-haze, his father passed. I had the fortune of getting the news via a text (would rather have known then, as it did postpone my decision making for the phone until today). I came home and hubby was waking. I shared the news (via tears, I couldn't say words... thankfully, he knows how to read my tears!). We went over to his mom's (where sis/niece are staying) and spent a few quality hours over some Little Sleezers (we were smart, and grabbed a couple subway sammiches first!). Stories were told, laughs were shared, tears were shared, and hubby is stronger than an Ox (I'm sure the Xanax is helping there, as well as the Celexa).

Today, while awaiting word from his sister on going for a hike... I'd decided it was time to head back to the AT&T store. So glad I did. The same staffer that sold me a phone over 4 years ago was the one I ended up with assisting me. Very honest, down to earth, much better than the pressure-guy from yesterday. It is a GREAT distraction from all the sadness around me, and will definitely help to keep my mind occupied. Hubby's pic is the wallpaper on the watch... trying to involve him as much as possible, to help keep his mind occupied. His follow-up with the surgeon isn't for another week from tomorrow, so he's out of work for a good bit anyway. Not a great time to have so much time on your hands!

Looks like there will be family viewing possibly tomorrow or Tuesday, and then services likely on Thursday. Not looking forward to this, but ... am looking forward to getting back to focusing on hubby healing, and me getting back to work and actually working, instead of repeating all these stories over and over. Oh, this LONG blog and no mention of the incident in the parking garage at the hospital on Wed?Thu?. Not like there's been anything on my mind lately...

Well, missed my chance to take out the recycling/trash! T-storm here now... guess I'll go relax with hubby for a bit :)

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