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No More Spinning :(

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Spinning class used to be my "happy place." Now it just makes me sad . . . literally. emoticon

Spinning was more like a therapy session for me (not just cardio). The fluid body motion, to the beat of the music . . . oh, that continual, rythmic movement! I attended class faithfully 5-days-a week. I've made many, many wonderful spinning-friends. I looked forward to it everday day & I smiled all the way through class, cheering on my friends (as they cheered me on!) I will miss it. Hoping I can go back some day, but that depends on my gym. Here's the whole story:

Two weeks ago, I was happily spinning when the right pedal broke off, mid-spin. We were doing a standing climb (which involved pedalling while standing up). I guess I really don't need to say that it was a traumatic (and physically damaging) experience, that took me completely out-of-game for over a week. When the pedals break off, apparently the bike stops abrutly, because my left knee (in the bent position) was wrenched. When I tried to go back last week (after I felt healed enough), I was simply too scared to finish the class. I don't feel safe on the bikes anymore . . . and my "happy place" was bringing me to tears (cause I just couldn't get past that not-feeling-safe point).

The horrifying part of my story is that this type of accident has happened to at least half-dozen other members--that I know of. There may be others. And the management isn't taking the issue of the poor condition of the bikes seriously. In fact, I was even lied to. They knew how hurt (& upset) I was . . . and I was told we were getting all new bikes (by the girl at the front desk). Now, maybe she was lied to, as well (or she knew, but was told to tell me that). She purposely pulled me aside & told me new bikes were "on order." I think they were afraid I would sue.

Come to find out, they are replacing the pedals & the seats, so it's "like" brand new bikes. NOT THE SAME THING!!! I have my doubts as to whether I will safe on them, knowing their just "fixed?" Would you? My gym is a huge chain (24/7 Club Fitness), always packed (& probably receives plenty from "members who don't attend" . . . we all know that happens). They were "refurbished" when they bought them & they're always breaking down. My guess is they have a maintenance agreement on them & can call for repairs whenever they need to, so repairing them would be cheaper, of course. Sure, new bikes would be an big expense, but safety should be their first concern. And I'm not the type to sue, but the next person who gets hurt may be! I would think it would be in their best interest to consider replacing these old, rusted bikes.

Sorry for the long rant, but I had to get this out. It has caused the scale to inch upwards (wrong direction!), and I'm sad about that, too. Thanks for letting me vent.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    oh dear carol....
    I am so sorry that this has happened to you.
    No wonder you are upset, you have every right to be.
    they should have offered to pay for your exam and exrays and pt should you need it. Or do we sign an agreement to not sue them if we get injured????
    2163 days ago
    Oh Carol, I am so sorry that happened to you. I am glad you are feeling physically better, and that you did not sustain a more serious injury. I can understand why you would be hesitant to go back to the class. I hope you can find a resolution to the situation. emoticon
    2164 days ago
  • VELVET_01
    I was also wondering if you could spin somewhere else? I'm so sorry this has happened to you. It's so important to find a workout that you truly enjoy. I don't think it would hurt to express your disappointment to someone in management and possibly the BBB. People should know what's going on.
    2169 days ago
    I'm sorry to read this about your losing your happy place and feeling the way you do about it. Spinning sounds like it's a very healing thing for you and I am hoping that your gym can help address the equipment issue or you can find another spinning area.

    Is there someone high up that you can speak to about this? I can imagine that since there have been multiple incidents, that you are not alone in no longer feeling safe and that's something your gym needs to address from a smart business owner standpoint, let alone a common sense one of; how long before there's a very serious injury and they get sued for a lot more than the replacement of faulty equipment would cost. =/ Hoping this issue can get resolved for your gym.
    2169 days ago
    I would write to them as well as the BBB. Tell them you're not going to their spinning classes any more because their equipment is not up to your standards. Then go spin somewhere else. You deserve to be able to do something you love!
    2171 days ago
  • DEEA2Z
    I think the gym is "cheaping out" on their members! Maybe a letter from a lawyer would make a difference emoticon
    2171 days ago
    I agree with you on not using those bikes again. If they are just replacing the broken parts with the same manufacture then they will keep breaking on people. Report them to the BBB, and see if you can get others to do the same.
    2172 days ago
    Sorry you are having this issue. I would imagine the equipment needs to pass safety inspections by the state. If you are really upset, you could write or all your states attorney general or Better Business Bureau. However, doing that might cause you more grief with the gym.
    2172 days ago
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