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The last 6 weeks....

Monday, July 20, 2015

The last 6 weeks have brought me no closer to my goals. This is the worst plateau I have ever been on in my life. I was looking back on my weight and I weigh exactly what I did over 2 years ago when I gave birth to my little princess. I stopped nursing her a few months ago so I thought that would change things. I've switched up my calories (paying attention to where they come from and how much) numerous times, changed workouts.... I just can't find the answer except for maybe the ridiculous amount of stress in my life is making me think I'm working harder than I am and keeping me back from giving it just a little more umph. Not saying I don't try but my stress has kept me from wanting to sleep, from leaving the house and even from partaking in much of my mom's group. I think as I'm sinking into a possible depression I'm making matters worse and I need that to change.

But enough boohooing! I know I can do better. I know I have it in me and the following things are what I'm going to devote the next few weeks to thinking. One of these, or maybe all, must be the answer to my plateau!

1. My family! Every Sunday dinner used to be a "free calories family fun" meal for me. It was the only day I'd allow myself to have pop or a dessert without feeling guilty or whatever. But!!! My mom, a few cousins and my aunt have all jumped on board with wanting to lose weight so now we all try to think of healthier options to bring to our family day. Gone are the days of wondering if there will be healthy options for me there, or if I will be stuck with either only eating my own food or just having a free-for-all and being unsure of my calories. My family and I have created a pack, our own tracker, forum and own motivation and have teamed up to help each other everyday.

2. New class! My cousin invited our new family group to an Aquasize class. I LOVED it. My muscles were so sore after. I felt like crying because it was amazing. I have been hating working out. But this was so stinking fun and I knew I was pushing myself. I was having fun and burning calories and spending time with my family. It was a win win! We are planning on going once a week all together. (it's a 50 minute drive for me to join them so I can't really go more than that) and then soon I'll be joining a gym 10 minutes from my house that has a swim class daily. My goal is to go 3 days a week total (Specificially if I go Tuesday to my family's class then I'll go Monday, Thursday; or if I go Thursday to my family's class then I will go Monday, Tuesday/Wednesday, to the one at my gym...depending on what classes are available) . I even bought two swim suits so my excuse can't be that I don't have a clean one!!

3. I'm moving! This is huge because my current apartment is a HUGE HUGE portion of my stress. We have had TWO outlets (one in the kitchen and one in my daughter's toy room) that have melted because they were tripping the circuit and heating up causing them to melt the plugs and the sockets. TWO possible fires in a sort time. I'm seriously crying right now typing this because it scares me so bad. I unplug everything when I'm not at home and we only run one thing at a time when I am home. I start moving in to my new apartment next week.

4. I'm pretty. I have a hard time saying that. I don't feel pretty. I don't feel like I'll ever lose weight. I have a very negative attitude. I feel like my husband is lying when he says I'm pretty. But I'm changing. I decided that I do need to feel pretty and so I started buying nice clothes in my size. It's a sad sad size, a disappointing size, but it's mine right now. And while I'm here I'm going to feel pretty.

This was the plug/socket. The yellow thing in the picture is my daughter's toy. This could have caught on fire in the room my daughter spends all of her time. I have no idea how much husband noticed it but I'm so glad he did! The other one that melted was in my kitchen.
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    You can do this, just take your time and don't give up.
    2131 days ago
    Glad you're moving - sometimes our environment contributes to our stress. I feel the change will be like a refresh on life.
    2155 days ago
    Your landlord should fix the wiring asap!
    2155 days ago
    Your landlord should fix the wiring asap!
    2155 days ago
    You girl a not just pretty inside and out but a fighter..I know i too am a bigger person and it is hard to go out and get involved eg the pool..It was hard when i had to put a bathingsuit on..somehow i dug down and said to myself..who cares...if they don't like what i look like don't look...I go 3-4 times a week and drug my DH with me..We have all walks of life in there and most congratulate me for it..By beening out there you are a step better than some who never made it off the couch..you go girl... emoticon emoticon
    2155 days ago
    Oh Aimee my beautiful friend. I feel for you plateaus are so hard to fight through and stay motivated. But you are a strong person and I know we can get you off the plateau. You are eating right, you are exercising. You are working on getting rid of some of the stress; I think the move will help that a lot. The one area I know you need to work on is the amount of sleep. You need rest. I want you to look in the mirror every morning and notice how pretty you are. Then tell your self you are beautiful, because you are.
    2155 days ago
    Aimee you're Not just pretty-- You are BEAUTIFUL!!!
    2155 days ago
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    emoticon emoticon
    2155 days ago
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