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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Why do we do these things to ourselves?
I started my day out strong. Even got some fitness minutes in before the sun was totally up (thanks to my hubby's truck breaking down and my having to drive him to work). But quickly things turned around and went from good, to bad, to worse,to emoticon , to WHAT AM I DOING???
I've been binge eating all afternoon and into this evening. Knowing what I'm doing at the time, telling myself that I'll regret it later. But I just didn't care. I wanted instant gratification now. I was actually craving snow peas, but didn't have any, so instead my poison of choice was M&Ms....a LOT of them. I feel ill now. (That should teach me). I know I'm going to have days in the future where I'll have the same mind set. I need to come up with a counter plan, find a strategy that will make me feel like I'm getting kind of what I want and yet in a healthy way.
If anyone has ideas that have worked for them I'd be forever grateful! emoticon emoticon
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  • _BABE_
    Nice to see you back at it....I am coming less...its a phase.
    2094 days ago
    Girl, Hi. I'm Gina and I am a super food addict. Like, I used to binge weekly and now hardly ever but I've been doing this Spark thing for 3 years now so I have a better handle on things. It totally takes time. You fall down twice, get up and start over again and hope that the binges get further apart. Start small. Plan on eating your dang M&Ms! If you are a sugar addict, LIKE ME, know that you gotta be your own babysitter around them and be done after a handful. If you can't do that right now, don't even have any of that stuff in the house. We Americans want instant gratification, like you said and we want it NOW. Well guess what? We aren't "regular" people who can handle our stuff around binge foods so we gotta deal, right? You don't even know me but I feel like I identify with what you are saying SO MUCH. Hugs! Also, DRINK A SH- ton of WATER!!!! Before you eat anything!
    2111 days ago
    I can relate, Esther. I have some days where I mindlessly graze - and I am always irritated with myself afterwards. But put it behind you - today is a new day.

    Here's a couple things that work for me:

    1- Make veggies and fruits the easiest thing to grab for a snack. (Like cut up and in containers, easy to grab from the top shelf in the frig right up front.)
    2- Keep candy and special luxuries out of sight and more inconvenient to grab. In a cabinet in the basement, maybe? But still divided up into portion sizes if indeed you do venture down in the basement to get them - you will only grab a portion.

    3- Do something else first before you give in. For me, I am usually grazing because I am procrastinating about something I don't want to do (Maybe a work task) So I tell myself, complete this work task first, and if you still want to (insert danger of your choice here) you can have it. You might also say something like drink a glass of water first. Or exercise 15 mins first. Or wait 30 mins ... whatever.

    4- And then measure and report. So, whatever you eat (a single m&m, a whole bag, or a cart-full) commit to logging it In your nutrition tracker. You can run the nutrition report showing calories over time, and see where your spikes are. Seeing that kind of run chart, will tell you whether this is a habit with a trend - or just an occasional day ... that is of no big concern.

    Hope you are having a good Thursday!
    2112 days ago
    It is a new day, and you have a clean slate to work with - put yesterday's binges behind you and make today great!! (And that is the advice I am giving myself - 3 of my co-workers have birthday this week, and so we have had treats in the office all week long... Monday and Tuesday I was able to enjoy treats without going overboard and then yesterday I ate 2 donuts in the morning and then a ton of pasta at lunch and a brownie in the afternoon... today I will refrain from everything that I didn't carry in myself!) emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2112 days ago
  • DJSHIP46
    I can so relate!!! I just have to plan ahead and the things that are healthy always close at hand or be willing to drop everything and go after them. It helps a lot that it is summer and I can garden... if I'm not in the house I think a lo less about food. Right now I'm doing a no sugar challenge and I was doing great till my hubby brought me a big piece of carrot cake (a favorite)... I tried putting it in the freezer (should have used the trash)... before bed I cut the piece in quarters... thinking a tiny piece won't hurt and know all the time that wasn't going to work... I ate one, wrecked my streak, put the rest in the freezer and sat there thinking if I spread this out over three more days, it will just mess my challenge up even more... so I ate the whole thing & started fresh in the morning. Not a good strategy, but I haven't messed up again since that day. Good luck!
    2112 days ago
    Lately I have been dividing snacks into serving size snack bags as soon as I open the container. Then I count how many days that will last me. For some reason knowing this has kept me from eating more than one serving each day. I don't know why it works for me, but it does.
    2112 days ago
    Fill up on soups or salads,eat only a small amount of other things
    2113 days ago
    All wonderful advice. Thank you!
    I normally wouldn't have the M&Ms in the house, but since my bday was on Monday I allowed myself that as a special treat. I told myself I would ration them over a number of days...didn't happen. Apparently I can't have that kind of temptation in the house. I did try to counteract it afterwards with a peach LOL
    2113 days ago
    I just wouldn't have junk in my home. Period. I don't need any temptation if I am craving.
    2113 days ago
    I reserve my major carb intake for supper time. Since starting this, I feel my overwhelming junk food cravings in the afternoon have virtually disappeared. I am allowed to eat whatever I choose at a specific time (for me it is at supper time), and somehow knowing that I can have a scoop of ice cream at dinner, allows me to put the craving monster in his cage. I was craving some serious chocolate at the store this afternoon. Decided I would have some pudding..normally I would have went home and devoured the entire 4 cups, but knowing I was going to eat it at supper seemed to help me wait, and by that time the craving had subsided and I was satisfied with 1. if anything it is worth a try. I am not at my goal..can't speak to the long term..only been doing this a couple months,...but I am a girl with NO will power. I have lost nearly 25 lbs. An official record for me. ..but I have never been about the numbers..I want to feel more healthy..and the diminished cravings, by limiting carb intake to one meal a day is really the best feeling of all
    2113 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15603816
    Number. I also get on chat and I do portions. So I do t cut out all bad things, but I really portion them and keep them a treat every now and then. Seeing the calorie damage though helped me.
    2113 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15603816
    I have gotten a handle on binging, for the most part. I slipped up today, but I am not totally counting it due to circumstances and I will resume normally tomorrow. I calculate everything that endlters my body, even today. It helps seeing the
    2113 days ago
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