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4 Years at Goal Now - Happy Anniversary to Me sort of

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

I'm wishing you were here with me today. It's so easy now to stay at my weight. It's been easy since I lost it. It breaks my heart that you aren't here. I write books and take photographs and film videos and try to say what this is like - to have the burden of weight finally gone - after 50 years of misery. I literally NEVER think of it. My weight has not budged in two years now. I'm about 135 pounds now after so many years of 250+.

Many of those years were here on Spark. I started this journey on October 10 2007 when I almost crashed my car on the way to work. My stomach was too fat to turn the wheel and I could not adjust anything more! That night I looked for a calorie tracker in desperation and found Spark. Without you I would not be thin today. On Oct 5 2011 - I got to my goal weight and here I have very happily stayed ever since.

Most of the friends I started with are no longer here or have gained a lot of weight. I watch the weight go over 300 and then their profile goes dark. A few are the same weight or a bit lower. I don't know of any successes besides myself out of the people I started with.

I feel so bad about this. Some of these people were really close to me when I was losing weight and I know they can do it too. I wish I could help and I will keep trying as best I can. Getting to this weight for the first time ever has been a challenge all in itself. I'm not sure I'm adjusted to my new self yet but I'm better that I was when I first changed into a new person.

Here's what I do to stay thin and healthy now.

I eat clean and live clean. No chemicals, GMO's etc. I generally cook for myself and eat delicious, inexpensive, nutritious food. I love my meals.
I exercise every day - an hour a day-ish. I do different things, but I always stretch for at least half of the time I'm working out.
I sleep, meditate and rest a lot compared to you.

That's it. I've been doing this five years now (the last year of weight loss through now) and I think I'm good. I feel NO longing for any of the old foods or ways and really do not look back with any kind of fondness on that old sick, fat life I used to have.

The number one change is the first on that list. I do not believe you can lose weight or be healthy if you keep eating those manufactured chemicals. It's just one stap, but I go through a lot of effort to eat clean now.

I would say happy anniversary to me, but I don't very happy until I help others come along too. I want my story to be everyone's story. I have some success but today I feel inadequate to the challenge.

All I can say is "Keep on Sparking" and NEVER give up. I was 51 years old just as I finally lost the weight I carried since I was a fat child. I have all kinds of health issues and a "slow metabolism" and "large bones" too. I have a heart pacemaker and I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have no time and I have no money. It took me four years from the day I almost crashed my car until the day I got to goal.

If I can do it - anyone can.
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