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Epiphany: I don't need a chocolate shake!

Monday, November 30, 2015

So.... after taking my adult son to the ER once again for issues with swallowing, we head over to Dairy Queen to get him a "medicinal" (soothing, nourishing) chocolate shake. And of course, if I'm at DQ, I have to bring home a large blizzard for my hubby. So I'm trying to decide between a shake (chocolate? strawberry? last time those strawberry bits kept plugging the straw... a blizzard?), when I had the sudden thought:


I had just done great with having a relatively healthy egg salad w/ cucumber, lettuce, and carrot slivers on mulitgrain bread (480 calories, 8 g fiber, 22 g protein), I had a kickass breakfast of low sugar oatmeal made with milk and fresh raspberries... and here I was about to blow the rest of the day's calories (or more!) on a stupid chocolate shake... which I didn't need... I wasn't really hungry.. and I was heading home where lots of fruits and veggies and healthy choices reside.

So I didn't buy it :-)

small steps are good... small changes in attitude are even better!

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