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Question - Beginning Jogging & Running

Monday, December 07, 2015

I am tired of scanning the internet so I will ask here.

I have been walking-jogging-running for awhile now on the weekends - ever since July.

First it was Power Walking, now I am jogging more & actually running some. Anywhere from 3-6 miles on Saturdays. Intervals of hills, jogging, walking, etc.

Two things that I have been trying to figure out:

Lately, around 2 miles in (with or without hills), my left foot goes to sleep.

I have looked on the internet if this is common. I have changed the way I lace my shoe laces, I have changed socks, loosen up what I can in my shoes, made sure my feet are not cold, etc - but it keeps happening.

First time it was on the treadmill. Now it happened both 5Ks I have done. I stretch out before running. I end up walking most the rest of the way because my foot feels like a heavy brick to lift. And it does usually wake up by the end of 5K. But In the meantime, I cannot jog on it.
Anyone have that happen??

The other thing is - weight gain.
My legs feel heavier but I have been assured that it is normal & they will thin out. But I got on the scale & I am almost 5 lbs. heavier since summertime (I have not been on the scale since I am trying to focus on exercise). My eating is the same and I am drinking more water since exercise is up. I have just been noticing that legs feel bigger. Quads feel heavy.

I am going to start tracking food again & I am keeping a running journal now.

And also, when does breathing ever get easier??
My chest sometimes feels like exploding. My face is always so red. I did read that I should back off a bit when that happens.

I did go to Barnes & Noble & I picked up 2 books this weekend on WOMEN & RUNNING, but just hoping others go thru this. I am going to start trying 3 times a week. Maybe I am not doing enough & then pushing myself on weekends??

My husband runs & keeps asking "Why do you want to be a runner so bad? Maybe just be a Walker." That does not help me. I WANT TO RUN. I am starting to like it... did I say that??


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    Thanks - I did go to the Jeff Galloway website. Lots of info. I found a download for beginner - 8 Week Conditioning Program. I printed it to look at tonight.

    I meant to also say that I do CHI-WALKING and that has helped me a lot for anyone that is reading this blogs. There is a CHI-RUNNING Sparks team here also that is very good & I have gotten lots of great tips from the people who post. It has helped me with learning posture while walking. Check it out!! (I get free downloads from the actual website also)

    I did notice this morning when doing WATPs, in the running section we do, I do tend to run on the balls (??) of my feet. Like tip toe kinda. I will practice not doing this.

    Thanks everyone. Keep stuff coming.
    emoticon I have another Jingle Bell 5K on the 24th emoticon

    1982 days ago
    One of the best walk-run programs is Jeff Galloway, in my opinion.

    Check out www.jeffgalloway.com

    1982 days ago
    I will check that out - I was trying to find a good running group here on SPARKS.
    1983 days ago
    Your stick-to-it-iveness is awesome.

    Muscle is heaver than fat. It's possible that you're seeing added weight from increased muscle. Do you also take measurements?

    Shoe fit is really important. Go to a good running store and get fit with shoes that are right for you. Road Runner Sports has great fitting and 100% money back guarantee with a 90 day trial. Can't lose with that.

    Congrats on being a run-walker. Go to the library and read Jeff Gallager's books. Check out the Jeff Gallager run/walk group on Spark. And no, it shouldn't leave you always redfaced and hurting. It's not good to push to your limit on every run for every minute.

    And talking to your doc about exercise and aches and pains is never a bad idea.

    1983 days ago
    That is interesting.
    I have been reading about foot strike & where your foot hits the ground when running or walking. Maybe I am landing on the wrong part of my foot or Maybe i hit the ball portion of my foot. I cannot tell. Hmm..

    1983 days ago
    I'm not a runner but when biking long distance on a road bike my foot/feet would get numb. It was from pressure on the ball of the foot, involved mostly the toes. Hope that helps
    1983 days ago
    Haha! Now that made me laugh! 😆
    1983 days ago
    Hey Gurlie - First - blood sugar - 98 is good, you shouldn't worry about that, but I do think it's worth asking your doc. I'm glad you have an appt soon so you can check it out. I have been reading that running book that someone suggested to you (Run Less, Run Faster) It definitely recommends starting slow (which we already have) and cross training - which you do. My legs feel heavier lately when I've been running too. Maybe it's the weight gain (me too). not sure, but I have noticed that my body hates me lately after a run. Totally disappoints me. But like you I do like running. I feel empowered. I watch others running when I am driving and I get jealous. Also, I read a book called
    3UiL.SX150.jpg See if you like that. Don't listen to Mark when he is discouraging, tell him to be there, be supportive or be quiet. *grin*.
    1984 days ago
    Thanks for the comments. I do have a doc appt the 17th and BLOOD PRESSURE will be main topic, so maybe something else will show. I know she always does blood test so I will have her check. My glucose was 98 at last health screening. So maybe there is something -You never know...

    I also am going to get my shoes measured & fitted next by a person that KNOWS how to do it correctly, instead of the Sports Authority guy. He barely looked at my feet or asked me any questions, but I left with a pair of $24 insoles...because he thought I might need them.

    Couch to 5K...I will look for that app for my phone.
    And Good Luck to you. Just remember to go your own pace - make it a BASELINE. You will do more to compare to.
    1984 days ago
  • 1960SSH
    Hey JohnsonZ,

    Are you diabetic? or do you have any issues like that? When I first started walking, I had the worst pain in my left heel. (I am diabetic, because of cancer treatment). I thought maybe it was neuropathy and searched the internet. Heel spur was the closest thing I could diagnose. What I read was that it's actually better to walk on a heel spur and that was TOTALLY correct! I could only do 10 minutes at a time (& only by taking Ibuprofen first) and now I'm walking 20-30 minutes at a time and doing it 3-5 days a week!
    Maybe you should check your blood sugar a couple of times? emoticon
    1984 days ago
    I have been scanning the Internet about running I found an app called from couch to 5k. I have a 5k in April. I'm nervous about trying this cause I have asthma so please keep posting so I get motivated. Thank you.
    1984 days ago
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