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2016: Another year, another new start

Saturday, December 12, 2015


I haven’t blogged for an entire year. I guess the reason is good: I’ve been really busy building up a law practice and it has gone well for the most part. I made more money than I expected to, and have put together a pretty strong network of colleagues and professional friends. Of course, it’s also very stressful, and my weight is up and workouts are down.


Mostly, I’ve been doing juvenile court work, serving as a guardian ad litem to kids who have either been removed or who are at risk of being removed from their homes. It’s very rewarding work, but also very time consuming and very emotional. It’s all court-appointed, and I feel blessed to have the trust of the court staff (including judges) who assign that work. But it doesn’t pay all that well and I’ve been trying to find a way to get more private paying work. Now, that’s about to happen.

The attorney whose office I've been working out of won an elected seat back on November 3. She takes office on January 2. Annnnddddd.... I'll be taking over her business, lock, stock and barrel. The clients have all been notified and we are waiting to hear which ones will stay with me and which ones will move on to some other attorney. I am in the process of working through all my juvenile stuff, closing cases and withdrawing from a few. I’ve notified that court that I won’t be available for new cases at least until the end of January. I need to get the juvenile work down to about 10 open cases at a time so I have time to take on the more lucrative private paying clients. At its highest, I had 30 open cases and that's way too many. So the goal is to balance just enough court-appointed, low-paying, needy kids against privately retained, better paying probate clients.

If you've been around Spark long enough and read my earlier blogs, you know that this is what I have wanted all along. And now it's happening. It's been incredibly stressful doing this changeover. It's not only a new area of law that I don't know much about, but the administrative stuff is just overwhelming. I know that once it's done, I'll settle into a regular way of life and of doing business, but in the meantime I'm pulling my hair out. She's promised me that she won't let me sink in either area, and I think I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel by the end of January. In the meantime, I just want to blink my eyes and have it all somehow be magically done.


So, that, in a nutshell, is why I haven't been around here much, and why I've been anxious and unfocused. I haven’t been sleeping very well, and I’ve been very low energy. My eating hasn’t been under control in the least, and my weight is up. For a long time, I couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed to swim, and I missed weeks at a time. I'm back to trying to swim at least three days a week now, with marginal success. I hope that by the end of January, things will be calmed down enough that I can develop a regular schedule again and get my eating back under better control.

My computer crashed a couple days ago and I lost EVERYTHING. Thankfully, I had done a full back up before I went to my daughter's wedding in September. So I had most of my files. I had to reinstall everything though and I'm still getting back up and running. The day it happened, I went on an emotional eating binge like no other. I kept walking between my office and the kitchen and grabbing any food I could get my hands on, cookies, chocolate, pretzel sticks. It was like watching a train wreck. I knew exactly what I was doing and could not stop myself.

I need to take off at least 20 pounds before my birthday in April. It should be doable and I know how to do it. Basic, healthy, lower carb eating, no sugar, little grain, more lean meat and veggies and fruit. Swimming more regularly will help with the stress levels. Ironic, I know, that I don’t want to swim because I’m stressed, but swimming is exactly what I need to reduce the stress. I know, what a silly human I am.

No New Year’s Resolutions for me. They never work. I already know what I need to do, I just need to do it.
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