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A triathlete

Monday, February 22, 2016

I only just started as a triathlete. I have been running for a few years and last year I hired a coach to help propel my running abilities. She encouraged me to try a triathlon about a year ago (March 2015) and she was there when I first tried to swim at a triathlon workshop she got me into. I didn't even know how to swim, we still laugh about it.

I got swimming lessons in July 2015, I took adult swimming lessons at the local community pool for three weeks. I wasn't very good at it. I had a hard time learning how to breathe and I kept dropping my elbows in my stroke. I have steadily improved since.

I bought a road bike last spring that I have slowly turned into a triathlon bike and my husband bought me a bike trainer for my birthday. I have completed 4 triathlons now and looking to do three this year.

But, training for a triathlon is relatively new to me. I joined my coach's triathlon team for this year and the training just started. I am really the least experienced triathlete on the team and kind of the slowest in each sport. I do my best and I am looking forward to improving.

My husband has seen me as a runner the last few years. First picking up on the 5Ks, then 10ks and the half marathon. He has even joined me several times for 5Ks.

The other day, I was talking to him while we were making dinner and mentioned to him that I did 3.5 miles. His immediate response was "Of what?" This intrigued me. He did not just assume it was running? He was thinking of me as a TRIATHLETE?
I hesitated answering him for just a moment as I relished in the thought of being a triathlete. I said, "running on the track with a timed- all out mile."

I am not just a runner, I am a triathlete!!
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