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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

1. Get a new student ID so I can go to the gym. (I lost it and didn't want to spend the 15$ to replace it because I "know" I will find it, but can't go to the gym on campus without it.

-> Picked up ID card yesterday. Did not make it to gym today (had two exams over the last two days and a paper due by the end of the day, but I'm working on it so that is progress!)

2. Go to the gym 3x a week for cardio (even if it starts out short and sucks, just go and work up to something reasonable.) There really is no excuse for this, I have a 2 hour break between classes

-> No gym last week, or this week so far. Have been walking the dog more frequently and for longer durations.

3. Start tracking breakfast every day starting Sunday

-> Did not complete this but started. Began tracking all meals starting yesterday. Tracked through lunch today. Decided if I was going to track I just needed to do it. I hate it. Wish me luck, lol.

4. Hydrate. I have literally not had more than a glass of water per day for the last 3 months. I started drinking pop and juice again. (and acted surprised when I gained 15 pounds.)

-> Steadily getting better. At least 32oz a day. Had 2 days with 80 or so. Continue working on this.

5. Keep doing squat challenge on phone. Day 5 is today.

Lost track of a few days but I'm on 13 today.

6. Pack snacks, meds and meal plan for next week tomorrow.

Planning breakfast instead of snacks this week.

7. Talk to Ashleigh about weight training, snacks and food. She works out.

Ashleigh and I are going to meet this week or next to go over the machines and stuff at the gym. We talked food.

8. Actually walk Stella Bella. Make plan with DH about walks. Training for the half is off schedule and we should start with walking since we are out of shape. Can start with dog walking.


9. Realize this is not actually as overwhelming as it looks. (cardio 3x WEEK, track one meal, walk dog with husband, squats and plan for future ST, and meal plan)

Work on being flexible, and understanding, but consistently progressing towards goals.

10. Reassess next week.

Done. Will post new goals in a bit. This keeps me on task.
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