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Sunday, February 28, 2016

I never made solid goals since I checked in late. Last week's (loose plan) was to start going to the gym, walking more, continuing my challenges, tracking food, and drinking more water.

I have been steadily walking more.

I am working on timing it and tracking it, but it is the least of my priority. I just want to make sure I am moving.

I tracked for several days last week.

Progress! It is definitely harder to track the bad stuff. I noticed if I eat a bigger breakfast I tend to eat more throughout the day (which is really, really weird for me.) I stopped tracking halfway through Thursday and haven't even attempted this weekend. Weekends have constantly been a battle for me. (even when I am on track, I'm not tracking...)

I still haven't made it to the gym.

I have been in an emotional funk about my grades slipping and I finally made a plan to problem solve some things I think are going on. I decided I would join Oula with some friends. Classes are Tuesday and Friday and I am hoping that I will be able to regain some of my confidence and get back into a routine and slowly make my way back to the gym.

I am hit or miss with my challenges.

I feel ok with that. When I remember to do them I am getting some ST in and I feel solid. I'm trying to not feel guilty when I have been off for a few days. I know I will begin to build a better foundation once I have been consistent with other things for a while.

Plan for next week is :

1. 2 Oula classes
2. Water: 64 oz daily
3. Track 5/7 days (all the stuff!!)
4. Walk for 30 minutes 3 x week.
5. check weight Monday and Sunday track on spark, adjust long term goals as needed

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