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Finally Merging Left

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Today is weigh-in Wednesday. Ever since I started my weight loss journey, I have gone to bed on Tuesdays with the scale in my prayers. Seriously! I pray for everything from illness to my old Corolla getting to the gas station on fumes, so it's not really a shocker that I've spent a great deal of my weight loss journey talking to my Creator about it. He wants me to be healthy, and he designed the blueprint anyway, right? Prayers, calorie-counting, and hopes aside, for the last 116 Wednesdays of my life, I've woken up with some excitement and trepidation, almost like a little girl who isn't sure she's been good enough to have anything but coal under the Christmas tree. Today, the scale was nice to me...and in a bit of a milestone way (or weigh, as it were) that literally had me dripping tears onto the bathroom linoleum.

Not too long ago, I wore a Size 28W (or a Size 26W on a good day). For the record, I've never understand why they put the "W" on the end of those sizes, because I always found it somewhat insulting, as if it stood for "wide" or something. I also always hated that the "plus-sized" clothes (also a rather insulting term, as if our size should be converted to some complex math equation when we're a bit...fluffier) were in their own section of the store. Some bigger folks might like this, as it keeps the larger from having to weed through all those Size Invisible clothes that are smaller than the average Band-Aid, but I always felt it was wrong to rodeo the heftier herd to an entirely different section of the store. In one of my favorite stores, Cato (which caters to my forty-something-but-loves-to-d
-two side), the fatty fashions are on the right side of the store. I always hated going in there and having to merge right, as if I was forbidden from setting foot in the left side of the store because nothing over there could be pulled up past my cankles. I really wish they'd just combine all the fashions and quit splitting it up; ladies with bigger racks shouldn't have to travel to different racks! In any case, though, I can proudly declare today that the next time I go into Cato, I can finally, finally, FREAKING FINALLY merge left!

I have been hovering in the 160s for many months, and it's been frustrating. There have been plateaus, miniscule losses, and even a few gains to deal with during the latter part of 2015 and early 2016, when I was somewhat emotionally devoured by the deaths of my parents in June and November, as well as many other business, personal, financial, and family issues that really traumatized me and forced me to back-burner my dieting. Today, though, I breached the 160s barrier! Much to my shocked delight, that scale gleefully announced that I am now 158.7 lbs., 170.3 lbs. lighter than I was when I started. More than that, though, I pulled a blue Size 8 tank-top out of my get-into crate today, glanced at it suspiciously for a moment, and actually fit in it, with some room to spare! I think the last time I fit in a Size 8 was when I was only 8 years old, so it's pretty exciting for me. I still have some of those Size 28Ws in my closet, but these days, I use them as dresses or nightshirts, and I won't ever have to merge right at Cato to buy them again.

March is a month of hurdle-jumping for me in many areas of life. My dad's and mom's estate is finally settled, their headstones almost paid off (again, thanks to lots of prayer and help from so many people I can't list them here). My very long-overdue divorce should be settled by March 28, my court hearing date to resolve it. And, hopefully, by the end of the month, I'll hit my goal weight, a goal I set WAY back in January of 2014. I lost 2.5 lbs. this last week, which surprised me but also proves that accountability works! Please fold your hands and cross your fingers for me, that I'll lose that remaining 3.7 lbs. by the end of the month, so I can experience one of those start-overs in April and go on to live the rest of my life with all this weight and worry behind me! I'm excited about that, and if you're on this journey, please be excited about your success too. Don't ever, ever give up, even when you have setbacks or interruptions. Don't let life and circumstances convince you it isn't worth it. YOU are worth it, and YOU deserve to merge left!
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