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An Attitude Lacking Gratitude Is Really Just a Fatitude

Monday, March 21, 2016

So, it's Monday. YAY! Um...no. I woke up this morning with a headache that feels like hippos dancing a chorus line in my frontal lobe. My dachshund decided to dig under the fence and take a tour of our small town, and whenever one of our fur-babies gets out, I live in fear that they are going to come back with freshly dug bones, since I live across the street from an 1800s cemetery surrounding a long-abandoned church. (Sure, the neighbors are quiet, but it's kind of eerie sometimes.) My bursitis-or-whatever-it-is that keeps me from being able to fasten my own boulder-holder was screaming at me a bit, and that pesky ol' Aunt Flo is calling ahead for her upcoming visit. What does all this complaining mean? Simple: It's a double-rendezvous-with-the-boy
friend kind of day, and Coffee helped me wash down some ibuprofen. (Yeah, I know I spend too much time with him, but I'm obsessed. Besides, don't ground beans make it a cuppa-salad? Salads are good for you, especially in a big mug, with a little fat-free creamer and sugar-free hazelnut dressing.)

The point here is that sometimes, we wake up with a real fatitude, one of those I'm-not-even-in-the-mood-today
-thanks kind of attitudes that makes everything all the more annoying, including counting calories and thinking about those 3.7 lbs. I want to evict by April Fool's Day. As I pondered these pessimistic ponderings this morning, I recalled something my kiddo said before she drifted to Dream Land last night: "I can't wait till morning!" Hmm. Even at 18, kids really do say the darnedest things, right? When I asked Cissy why she would ever look forward to a Monday morning, she said, "Because we bought REAL bagels, and I'm going to eat a whole one for breakfast!" She was very excited about it and went to bed in a jovial mood, more eager to get up early than any teenager I've ever met in my life, just because I bought ACTUAL bagels on the clearance rack (not some sort of paper-thin version of them this time). I reminded her that they are 250 calories, and she said, "I know! That's awesome. It leaves room for that diety cream cheese and some butter spray to make them even yummier!" I love the kid, but I wanted to smack her for hitting my Eeyore ideology in the face with her darned silver-linings optimism.

This morning, she hurried to the kitchen to get her bagel, and I swear she was actually humming on the way. I wanted to splash her with my hot boyfriend to silence her Mary Poppins pep, but I resisted the urge. Who hums at 8 a.m. on a Monday? A kid who is grateful, that's who. I have no idea what she was humming, as it was likely some sort of videogame soundtrack, but she was singing a happy tune when she carried that freshly toasted bagel in to the coffee table to eat it. I asked her if it was good, and she said, "Yup, and I can't wait to get up tomorrow to eat another one!"

I took a valuable lesson from this: We need to be grateful, period, for everything that happens during our weight loss journeys. When we restrict food, in an effort to tighten our belts, having a "normal" bagel once in a while should make us grateful and teach us not to ever take something as simple as a bagel for granted. When we lose "only" or "just" 1 lb., we should be grateful that we didn't gain those four sticks of butter back. You might say, "Gee, thanks, Buddha, but what does all this gratitude talk have to do with dieting?" Surprisingly, a lot! (And, for the record, I do look a lot less like Buddha than I used to), if the article I read on Livestrong is true: "Gratitude can truly be a shortcut for staying positive and happy with one's self, both of which have been shown to aid in the weight loss process." It's true! These genius scientists in Sweden and THE JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN DIABETIC ASSOCIATION said so, and they're a whole lot smarter than I am, even if I did grow my brain a little by shrinking my gut. When you have an attitude of gratitude, you won't have such a fatitude!

There are many, many things I want in life, some big and some small. I have a lot of possessions, BUT I love old things that remind me of happier times, and I've many along the way, so I want a cuckoo clock, a pair of the roller skates I practically lived in for three years of my life, and this stupid toy called a Chubble that lights up and giggles when you love on it. I have a laptop one of my very generous and sweet editing clients actually gifted to me to keep me in business when my previous one fried, BUT I am sometimes very old school, so I want a Brother typewriter like the one I learned to type on, so I can use it to write the great American novel. I am still technically/legally married (maybe only for a week longer now!) to the wrong person, by a JP wearing bib overalls in a little county office with John Deere wallpaper, BUT I want a real wedding in a real little chapel with a real wedding dress (and, preferably, the real Mr. Neon), ideally officiated by my Grandpa, the greatest preacher and man I've ever known in my life. I have tons of jewelry already, BUT I want this cheapish ring I saw on Ebay the other day, with my favorite scripture on it. I have a working Coffee maker that keeps my romance alive daily, BUT I really want one of those fancy-schmancy Keurig types. I've enjoyed many memorable fun times, places, outings, and celebrations and even won a couple trips in the last couple decades, BUT I want a trip to Gatlinburg, my favorite place in the whole U.S., because we spent so many amazing family vacations there when I was a kid. I have a car that runs and usually gets me from Point A to Point B, BUT as much as I love my current 1997 version, a piece of it literally fell off at the gas station the other day, and I'd love to have a shiny new one that has a working radio and doesn't require thumbtacks to hold the headliner in place. I have three doggies I dearly love, BUT I have always wanted a pug puppy. I want to weigh 155 lbs., BUT I still weigh a pesky 158, so even though I started out at 329, I just...

AH! Notice all those big BUTS? I've spent a lot of time trying to thin down my butt, but maybe I need to work on my buts. I need to be more like my daughter, more grateful for the lbs. I've lost, to be thankful for little things, like bagels and my old Corolla and my hot, caffeinated boyfriend who can technically be called a salad. Let's all try to focus on being thankful for things, including the food we DO get to eat and the lbs. and even ounces we HAVE lost. Gratitude counteracts fatitude, because fatitude starts with big buts!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thank you for this awesome post! You have a great sense of humor and I love reading your blog.
    Gratitude is something that I need to work on for sure! I find it difficult to abandon my "why me" attitude :) I needed to read this post today emoticon
    1909 days ago
  • DYANNE4293
    Great blog!!
    1909 days ago
    Thanks for the great attitude I needed that
    1909 days ago
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