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Fat Shaming

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Disclaimer: This is a bit sweary and very ranty. It also contains small doses of sarcasm.

How is it in this day and age that we are still making others feel terrible about their bodies? People are finally growing to acknowledge that racism, homophobia, religious bigotry, sexism, transphobia and the like are not acceptable in our society. That's great, it's a massive step forward. I'm not trying to cheapen those struggles, either. They are still real, those things still exist, but I'm noticing as a whole most people I encounter generally find them pretty abhorrent.
So with all this progression towards a more civil society accepting of its diversity, how is fat shaming even still a thing? It seems to me to be a few different reasons for this. Firstly, it's accepted because it makes everyone else feel better about themselves. Oh, I'm not as fat as _____, I'll make fun of them and that will make me feel good about myself. Why are we so insecure and self-loathing that we can only make ourselves feel better by insulting someone else?
Secondly, it's often done under the guise of "concern for their health". This is (excuse my language) complete bulls**t. Another person's health is almost always none of your business, ESPECIALLY a perfect stranger's. No, you do not have the right to tell them off for eating a burger. No, they don't want your (unsought) advice on what they're doing so very wrong in their lives to have the life-ruining result of being fat. Even if you are a doctor, you don't have the right to just approach someone in McDonalds and lecture them about their choices. If a person wants your advice, they will ask for it.
On this topic, a person may not even be fat due to unhealthy food choices. They may have a health issue that has made them put on a lot of weight, they may just be built that way. From even just my own experiences, I've known people who eat well, exercise and are still large and over the 100kg mark for reasons that are frankly, none of my business. That's the main point with the "for their health" excuse, it's really nobody's business.
The third reason is often that the person is just a complete jerk and enjoys making other people miserable. There's really nothing to be said about that, there are just a-holes in the world, unfortunately you can't muzzle them. You can confidently ignore them and give an extra sassy hip shake in their direction.
I know this is a site designed to help people with their weight goals and health goals, so you might be wondering why I am even posting this. Well, it grinds my gears and this is my blog, so ner. But mainly, I see so many people who are larger who have dealt with the humiliation of constant putdowns (I myself did when I was younger and bigger) and it really bothers me that this still happens and is considered socially acceptable. Some people take it in their stride, have thick skin and can ignore it. Others pretend to ignore it and it still hurts. Others let it get right under their skin every time and it kills them a little bit inside to be hated and picked on for how they look. I don't think anybody should be made to feel like this, there is no excuse for it.
I guess my point, aside from that it really bothers me, is that no matter what journey we are on, we should try our very best to love ourselves in the time and body we're in. And also that it's nobody's place to judge anyone based on the way they look, no matter what your "reason".
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