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Vicarious Victory

Saturday, April 09, 2016

My sister and daughter do their weigh-ins on Saturday mornings. I have to admit that sometimes I get jealous of this, because it means they get to weigh in BEFORE they undertake the weekend begins, and that means they have a whole week to get rid of whatever damage they do after TGIF. I could switch my weigh-in day, but I am a creature of habit, and since my journey started on a Wednesday, so shall it end.

Today, I looked at my kiddo's face when she walked out of her consult with the British lady. I couldn't tell by her expression how that weigh-in turned out, so I asked her. She proudly answered, "I lost 2.4 lbs., and I'm now at my lowest weight yet." I literally put my laptop down (whoa!) and got off the couch (whoa again!) and got up and did a happy dance. It was not a pretty sight in my baggy nightshirt (which used to be a regular shirt that was so tight it looked more like an elastic bandage) and my argyle OTK socks and my hair looking like Chewbacca is one of my blood relatives, but I couldn't help it. Cissy is a teenager and started her journey on her own, and she has handled it her own way. She has gone through ups and downs like we all do, plateaus and gains, and she has been tempted to quit. She has always struggled with self-esteem and, in the past, tended to give up on things easily. Today, she weighs 77.4 lbs. less than she did. THAT deserves a happy dance. And happy dances burn calories anyway.

Then there is my beautiful sister, aka Superwoman Barbie. Libby has a slower metabolism than her old sis, obviously, because it is a bigger struggle for her. Through the duration of our journey, she has tried many different programs. At the foundation, she counts her calories, but she's also tried cleanses and some other things. Several times, no matter how "good" she has been or what she has tried, she has not seen results very quickly, if at all. Not only that, but she is the chef in her house for two toddlers, two teenage boys, and a hubby, none of whom would appreciate a dinner of kale chips and a Lean Pocket. She has amazing willpower to withstand her own delicious cooking; a couple Christmases ago, she baked 1,200 cookies and made candy for her annual cookie party, at which we share recipes and then donate all the left overs to local charities. I did not fare so well with temptation at that cookie party, but she did just fine, even while she baked them! Today, I was thrilled to hop on her Facebook weight loss accountability page and see that she lost 4 lbs. That is a huge loss for her, and I am so happy for her that I am almost compelled to do yet another happy dance. Then again, I'm Baptist. I don't think we're supposed to dance twice in one day (or at least that makes for a handy excuse).

I love my sis and my Cissy more than anyone in the universe. (My kiddo is named after her grandma's nickname, Sissy, so no, it is not short for Cecilia, nor is it an ode to the original Carrie. Mom always told me that if we had a girl, we should name her "Cissy with a C," so I did.) When they have success, it is the boost I need to keep trying, keep pushing toward that 155 I want to get to. I admit in advance that this Monday will NOT be a diet-friendly day, because I have a major personal celebration day planned, and it will involve a lot of calories and a lot of carbs as an integral part, but even if it takes two more weeks or the rest of the month, I know that 2.8 or so remaining lbs. will come off. I know because I look at my kiddo and my little sis and see that their tenacity and willpower are paying off, and if they can do that, so can I.

It really, really helps to have a weight loss buddy or two, to take the journey with someone, because when you are compelled to quit, you will be able to live vicariously through their victory. Whether it is someone IRL or someone online, like all these wonderful Sparkies I'm getting to know, align yourself with people who are on the same quest. Be accountable to each other, take joy and inspiration from one another's successes, and heave each other back up on the wagon when one of you takes a fall or a flying leap off. Someone recently wisely commented on one of my pictures, "You choose what voices you hear," so hear only those who support you...and be that voice for someone else.
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