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Monday, May 23, 2016

Howdy sparkers! Long time!
So - I've not been as active on Spark-people lately - because I've been very active IRL (in real life)!

Late January I felt like my energy was finally BACK!! Before I became sick - I'd always had tons of energy ... and usually - the harder I worked the more energy I had. When I went vegan (home) / vegetarian (on the road for work/family) I had even more energy - so much so - I took up jogging. For realsies.

After years of being sick though - I thought those days were over forever. But by the end of this January the energy began coming back. So did my old sleep habits. And - while I'm still pretty out of shape (but working on it) and have a long way to go (slow and steady wins the race!) - I don't have words for how good this felt. It felt like the weight of the world had been lifted ... like I'd been "let out of jail" ... I wish I could tell you all what "the" thing was that led to this result - but I was doing so many things ... I'm inclined to say that it was the combination - consistently practiced 80-90% of the time.

These days I'm walking 10k+ steps every single day. I used to be able to sustain that for a few days in a row - but not day after day after day. I'd just crash and have a day of feeling like I had flu, insomnia, bronchitis and a migraine all in one. I'm also moving from straight up basic yoga to yoga and strength exercises that require more core strength and cardio stamina.

I do believe that once my illness was under control - eating clean, iskiate, psyllium husk powder, and yes - even wheat grass shots - all contributed to my health's return ... but it really took about 18 months ... which is a pretty long walk of faith in those habits ... I've always been a "instant results" type.

And - I have to confess ... I've given up the wheat grass. It's just so gross tasting. Now that it's warmer - I'm growing micro-greens and lettuces all over my yard/property and am loving gobbling those things up. I swear - you can feel the health/vitality shooting into you right from their tiny little leaves. Micro-greens are delicious, easy to grow indoors or out all year round and incredibly healthy. if you're like me and struggling to love kale - trying it younger/picked early - or a non-curly variety ... wonderful flavor and texture.

Anyway - I do miss you all - and am hoping to get back into regular daily posting habits again as soon as my gardens are all in and my exterior home improvement projects are done.

Here's wishing you a lovely Memorial Day Weekend - and boundless sparking!
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