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Wow - 4 days away and lots to do

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Just about 4 days away from our daughter's wedding. She's getting married on Saturday at 1pm. I took my 5 day work week off so I can help with last minute running around and stuff. I'm working on cleaning the house so we can have company over this weekend. We have lots of relatives from out of town that will be visiting plus some out of town friends that will be here.

Kyle, our youngest, has been living down in Lincoln this summer while he works. He'll be taking Accounting II mid-July to mid-August but he's planning on coming home Friday morning. Cole (our middle child) will be working Friday but I'm hoping that he'll be able to work only half a day or so. So far, both Ed and Kyle's tuxes are in and they can be picked up anytime before 5pm on Friday. I'm hoping Cole's comes in soon so he can pick it up prior to Friday, just in case.

Sarah is taking both Thursday and Friday off. She'll be coming over on Thursday to help me make some brownies and chocolate chip cookies for the reception. I'll be making lemon bars and some key lime bars on Friday, too, but they don't last that long so I'll be making them at the last minute. Sarah's having a "naked cake" - a layer cake that doesn't have exterior frosting, just frosting between the layers. It might have a slight glaze over it just so it doesn't dry out too much, but she decided that she also wants some extra desserts, plus a popcorn bar. I ordered white, caramel and cheese popcorn yesterday from a small, local popcorn company that we got 2 $10.00 gift certificates for. It's saving us a little money but I enjoy supporting small, start-up, local businesses when possible. I have Pilates tomorrow and then a hair appointment on Thursday. We have appointments at the nail salon on Friday at 10:30. I've never had a manicure so it's a little gift to myself.

I had Daisy, our Llaso-poo, groomed and she's been acting out of sorts since then. Basically just laying around and hardly eating or drinking. I decided to take her to the vet today, just to be sure that her back wasn't acting up again. He couldn't really find anything wrong with her (which is good) so he gave me some pain medication in case it is her back and some Pepsid for her stomach in case she's having digestion issues due to stress from being at the groomers. She's acting a bit more normal tonight so I'm hoping that she's bouncing back.

I also had Mia (our Yorkie-poo) to the groomers today. I had to start taking them separate days since Mia gets really territorial, I guess you'd say, and sticks up for her sister. The last time I took them at the same time she got really snippy at the groomer, possibly because she was protecting her sister. We decided to take them on different days and she does just fine when there by herself. I also had a vet appointment to take Smokey, our cat, in to have blood work drawn and to have him reweighed. I'll hear from the vet when the lab work is done but he's up to 8.3 pounds today. Before we started treating his overactive thyroid he was down to 5.9 pounds. We're definitely feeling good about his progress.

I'm still tracking my food and exercise in spite of being super busy. I think it helps me keep everything in line and my sights focused on the healthy aspect of my journey.
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