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Today I Turned 30!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Happy birthday to ME!

All day today I have been thinking about how incredibly lucky I am. I know many women who have been apprehensive about turning 30 while I have been running towards it excitedly.

I am the most fit I have ever been. I have a wonderful husband and a wonderful family. I am a successful business owner. My body is feeling amazing due to a mostly-Paleo diet that has pretty much eliminated my IBS and indigestion symptoms. I am, BY FAR, in the best financial position I have ever been in.

I definitely ate poorly over the last few days as part of the birthday celebrations, but that's OK! I am able to know when to indulge, and maximize my enjoyment, and when to scale it back.

Saturday I went out with some girlfriends and got very rowdy! Amazing Asian fusion food and several drinks. IHOP for breakfast this morning. A few pieces of candy here or there.

You know what, though? Since my Whole30 ended, I still have not had any sort of sweetener, natural or artificial, in my coffee. Either unsweetened almond milk or regular milk goes in. Before Whole30, I would put 4 little half-and-halfs in my coffee along with 3 sugar packets at IHOP. Today? A single half-and-half with no sugar.

I bought my knock-off bottled Starbucks frappucino. Two sips in I realized that I wasn't enjoying it, so I gave it to my husband!

While enjoying my German chocolate, I was giving just as much to my kid as I was eating myself. No hoarding it away to shame-eat in private. (and over the last week, I still have over half of the box left, even with my kid helping me eat it!)

I have stretched my appetizer from my birthday dinner in to 5 servings. And it was mostly vegetables (lettuce wraps with very finely diced veggies)

I had planned on going to a new bakery today to get a little something for my birthday. Didn't end up bothering to go.

I had planned on buying myself a small birthday cake to eat with the family. Didn't buy it.

Going on a massive beach vacation with extended family. My menu is almost all Paleo (exception is for the hot dog and hamburger buns; I will be eating mine with lettuce like a wrap while others enjoy the buns). I have several veggie items on the menu including a small salad bar type deal.

I love how I feel in my own skin. I love how I look in the mirror.

So, BOOM. Bring it on, 30!
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